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  • Indiana Superintendent: Obama Administration Nationalized Common Core Standards

    At a Tea Party gathering last month, Indiana Schools Superintendent Tony Bennett expressed his concern with the growing federal overreach of Common Core education standards. “This administration has an insatiable appetite for federal overreach,” he said. “The federal government’s involvement in these standards is wrong.”

    The Indianapolis Star adds:

    Bennett pointed out that the Common Core’s standards originated with the National Governors Association, and were intended for voluntary adoption by states. Then, according to Bennett, Obama nationalized the standards and has tried to use federal clout to force the Common Core on the states.

    That the standards were ever simply a state-led effort is questionable. Regardless, the push for national education standards has quickly become a major focus of the Obama Administration’s agenda.

    From the beginning, the Administration has attempted to lure states to the standards with federal dollars. It began with Race to the Top money as well as a proposal to make Title I dollars contingent on a state’s adoption of the standards. Most recently, the Administration has required states to sign on to the standards in order to receive No Child Left Behind waivers.

    The Administration’s outright disapproval of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s merely expressing a desire to steer away from the so-called “state-led” standards is further evidence that this push for Common Core is neither voluntary nor state-controlled.

    Growing concern over this blatant federal overreach has led other states to push back against Common Core. And they have every reason for concern.

    Not only will greater federal intervention of education significantly hinder state, local, and parental authority over what children are taught in the classroom, but the implementation of the standards is estimated to put cash-strapped state budgets on the hook for some $16 billion in new spending. On top of this, there is significant worry over the quality of the standards, with states such as Massachusetts having had to water down their standards by adopting Common Core.

    More federal control of education is not the solution to improving educational quality. States nationwide—Indiana itself being a prime example—are leading the way in innovative reforms by empowering local leaders and parents with greater authority over their children’s education. These types of policies, not national standards, will best assure that the unique needs of each student are met. States should stand strong against federal overreach into education to ensure that their reform efforts are not eroded.

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    10 Responses to Indiana Superintendent: Obama Administration Nationalized Common Core Standards

    1. Bobbie says:

      Fed interference cannot continue!
      When waivers are doled out the mandate is invalid with "nationalized" defeated. Get the feds OUT! Their interests are not the peoples when government covers their interests up with government controlled bureaucracy.

      • Roberta says:

        Everyone that is concerned about education should stand up and protest, especially when it affects your children. Roberta

    2. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Yes, it certainly does.

    3. Cakelady says:

      This President's overreach in to so many areas of our lives has to STOP! He is systematically destroying the very nature of what America is. You can be sure that his overreach in to the education of our children is a plan to "educate" them to fit his personal ideal of what an American citizen should be. We still have the ballot box. We must work to educate the electorate and then get the conservative vote to the poling places.

    4. Tom says:

      Close the Dept. of Education and send the mission to the states. If your children are not competitive then its YOUR fault. Decentrealize all efforts that have require interface with the electorate……HHS is next.

    5. Public_Citizen says:

      B.O. is desperate to gain control of education in this country. Wasn't it [his hero] Lenin that said "Give me the child and the man is mine"? In other words, if I can control what ideas are put into a child's head then I can own the thought processes of the adult that child will become.
      We need to eliminate Education as a cabinet level position, as a start to reclaiming the education process in this country. Then we need to starve the unions by instituting a voucher program.
      The parents who actually care will see to it that their children receive a better education and at less cost than the unions will allow their membership to provide.

    6. RennyG says:

      anyone remember the era of "Hitler???"

    7. O_Henry says:

      Expect to see a rise in home-schooling in Common Core Standard states. It is the last resort of families that want a real education for their children. Students from home-schools by comparison consistently score higher than all public education students. Common Core Standards will not change this by giving a better public education.

    8. nikkihilton says:

      What Common core standards are nationalized.

      Medicare indiana

    9. Paul Weidenbach says:

      Do we not have a responsibility to those children whose parents lack the ability or presence to influence their motivation toward school? Isn’t in our best interest as a nation to have an educated electorate? The bottom line, some parents fail their children, and we blame teachers and schools. Trying to devise nation-wide system of accountability begins to address these issues, it’s time to be responsible for our nation’s children by empowering states with a common set of standards. Or are some people afraid to truly compare student acheivement with a measurable system of standards? What say ye, Texas?

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