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  • Alabama Opposes National Education Standards

    Alabama has joined a growing number of states opposing the Common Core national education standards.

    Last week, the state senate adopted a resolution to “encourage the State Board of Education to take all steps it deems appropriate, including revocation of the adoption of the initiative’s standards if necessary, to retain complete control over Alabama’s academic standards, curriculum, instruction, and testing system.”

    This comes at the same time other states are backing away from the standards. Education Week reported earlier this month:

    Utah has been surfing the waves of common-standards controversy lately. Now it appears that the standards aren’t the only thing the state is uneasy about. It’s also uneasy about the tests being designed for them.

    We are getting word that Utah plans to downgrade its membership in one of the assessment consortia from “governing” to “advisory.” Governing states have voting power on key policy and design questions. They also are committed to using the tests.… Advisory states can sit in on discussions, but have no voting power and do not have to promise to use the tests.

    Colorado seems to be similarly queasy. In the last couple of weeks the state board of education rejected a proposal that would have made Colorado a governing partner of one of the consortia developing the Common Core assessments.

    And back in February legislators in South Carolina introduced a measure to pull their state out of the Common Core national standards. Governor Nikki Haley likewise publicly expressed her opposition to the standards.

    States have every reason to be concerned about the centralization education standards. The federally backed national education standards push represents an unprecedented overreach of state and local educational authority. States should also be concerned with the significant cost of implementing these standards. The Pioneer Institute estimates that implementation will put state taxpayers on the hook for some $16 billion in new spending.

    Across the country, states are moving to empower parents with greater control over their children’s education through policies like school choice. These types of policies, not centralization of academic standards, are those that best meet the unique needs of students.

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    8 Responses to Alabama Opposes National Education Standards

    1. Bobbie says:

      National move is an extreme threat! Keep in mind national education is taking all control from parents and states mandating national government standards that aren't significant studies but social indoctrinations. The more unconstitutional government the more corruption is enabled the minute it's in unconstitutional control and out of our control!

    2. Robin says:


      I have created a blog to track what the actual Common Core implementation looks like this summer in various states and school districts.

      The blog is http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/ . This morning's post explains that the references to national academic standards are just a PR/sales campaign to bring back a renamed and broken up but still well-functioning attempt to impose Transformational Outcomes Based Education. Just like William Spady laid out in the 1980s and 1990s.

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Does anyone not realize what this Obama led administration is attempting to do to our state school systems? They must take control and indoctrinate the lower grades before the student reach the collage level where the professors teach communism, socialism, and Marxism. It's just that simple. Teach the young only what you want them to know then destroy history so that when, and if, they become free thinkers, (something Obama is desperate to stop) they will not have the ability to find the truth.

    4. allen says:

      Not one test about the country and states. Every one take this test. Name the States and Capitals in twenty minutes score has to be perfect, if you can not do this where and what do you think you are going to do in life. Oh I got a JOB in ? Where is that.? eighty percent of high schoolers don't know this.

    5. Bob says:

      It has been widely known since before and after the induction of the NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION that is cannot work as it is designed to do what it has done. That is ti DUMB DOWN and UNDEREDUCATE our kids. The fact is that the school that do not answer to the department are our scoring the general and public schools hands down. Before this system the score were some 90% higher as was the graduation levels of children. Todays kids are taught what to think and NOT HOW TO THINK! Teachers do not know basic history, math or many other basic suject. When questioned they get angry and start blame one for caring for THEY'RE KIDS. This parent has news for them, THEY ARE MY KIDS, NOT THEY'RES! My wife and I taught our kids to think for themselves and they do quite well. Yes they are still rather young and impetuous but that will change with age. But the NATIONAL EDUCATION SYSTEM has needed to be abolished before it ever got signed by JIMMY CARTER! A SELF CONFESSED SOCIAL COMMUNIST!

    6. Bobbie says:

      Every state should oppose national education standards! There is no trust and high suspicions. When my child comes home with a smiley faced perfect paper from the teacher and I look it over finding 3 errors uncorrected, says something. That wasn't the first and only! I was ignored bringing it up while the staff infers the teacher is immigrant? so what! she was hired for the job, she's expected to do the job and no exception should be made at any child's expense giving children a sense of intelligence they aren't gaining! It occurred the heavy accent might be an issue! Exceptions have got to stop when it comes to government staff who's control is within government, beyond OURS! This is below the ability to trust government authority who isn't doing anything in favor of their "said" expectations involving education, ignoring legitimate concerns of parents. My child was learning in 9th grade what I fully knew by 6th grade. Standards should always improve but the government has been lowering them yet obligating more from tax payers! There is no money's worth! the pay is outrageous with nothing to show for it with future unfair expenses of remedial teaching to make up the loss!?? To which Mr. Obama calls COLLEGE?

    7. Linda M says:

      Rachel – Thank you for bringing the attempts to establish national core curricula across the states to our attention. Do you have a reference about which states have chosen to seek such standards? Also, I noticed that your reference about school choice in various states dates from Aug., 2011. Have you checked out info from the Friedman Foundation for more up to date reports about states participating in school choice? I highly recommend them!

    8. tessa says:

      thisis cool

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