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  • IRS Gearing Up to Enforce Obamacare Tax

    For all our policy differences, there are a few economic ideas that liberals and conservatives can usually agree on. For example, we all tend to believe that lower prices are good. Everyone loves a sale, whether it’s on iPods or red delicious apples.

    So Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria is on the right track in a recent column as he notes a key problem with Obamacare: “Unless the meteoric rise of health-care costs is slowed, a big expansion of coverage might well remain unpopular, no matter how it is explained.”

    But having identified increasing costs as a legitimate concern, Zakaria proposes the wrong solution: more federal intervention. “[O]nly the government can produce system-wide improvements,” he writes, so “having us spend more of the money ourselves is unlikely to solve the cost crisis in health care.”

    So how are those “system-wide improvements” coming along? “The Internal Revenue Service wants to add about 4,000 agents to hunt down tax cheats and still plans to spend $303 million building a system to oversee Obamacare,” the Washington Examiner reported in March.

    That’s right: Long before Chief Justice John Roberts rewrote Obamacare to call the individual mandate a tax rather than a penalty, the IRS was already gearing up to oversee health care reform.

    That’s sad, but predictable.

    More government control means health care would be controlled more by bureaucrats and less by patients, doctors, and nurses. And, as James Capretta wrote last month:

    [T]he government is not adept at micromanaging how health care should be delivered to patients. When the government is given this much authority and discretion, it does not result in higher-quality care for patients. Rather, it leads to price controls and one-size-fits-all regulations that misallocate resources and lead to access problems. It will only be a matter of time before the federal government uses its new powers to impose even more top-down cost controls on the health system, to the detriment of the quality of American health care.

    As Matthew Spalding explained in his book We Still Hold These Truths, the Obamacare debate is an example of “the striking difference between a free market system based on rewarding the dynamism of the human spirit and a centrally planned system that suppresses capitalism in order to redistribute wealth and limit individual opportunity. Too much government regulation of our economic system subverts the very foundations of liberty.”

    Instead, we should move toward “a real consumer-based marketplace for health insurance, where insurers and providers are compelled to compete based on quality and price.” Over time, that will tend to bring prices down, which would be an outcome all Americans could support.

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    7 Responses to IRS Gearing Up to Enforce Obamacare Tax

    1. Bobbie says:

      Obamacare, any care from the controls of government is direct ruling over inalienable rights! How can it be constitutional? EVER! Please stop this siege! It isn't right!! People have to do for themselves and will be motivated when government isn't accessible for unconstitutional favors/services.

      • doc says:

        Obamacare 2700 pages of control and tax. It is by far the greatest scam perpertarted on the Americna people under the pretense of providing "affordable" health care. It is neither affordable or is it quality health care.
        Obama is a controller not a leader.

    2. Stirling says:

      The real question is when obamacare will eventually turn into the political train-wreck that will cause even those who leach off the system to be so turned off by the substandard care that they call for the democrats to be voted out of office as a result.

      Progressive policies (now and in the past ) are financial time bombs to any government because they over-promise and under deliver.. At some point they can't be paid, or run out of other peoples money.. Which is where we find ourselves today with those policies from the 1930's, 1950's, and 1970's.

      At least now the IRS can be tied directly to this progressive obamacare policy forever. (or until repeal)

    3. clutch cargo says:

      The move towards a real consumer based marketplace for insurance makes better sense. Obamacare is not reasonable. It is taxmageddon!

    4. Bobbie says:

      I'd like to know who is in favor of keeping their grown children on the parents insurance plan until 26? I've heard no favor from everyone I know! It's a cover. For whatever the pre-existing provision or insurance coverage, put into the free market so aid alone can come from government without involving government into our personal control? Whatever obamacare is providing for the elderly in an honorable manner, carry over to aid financially only and without the extent government has allowed themselves to become involved unconstitutionally. This has been going on behind the backs of Americans for this outrageous take over regarding 30 million uninsured, to be so exorbitantly extravagant. yep, lots of people overstaffed under obamacare jobs whose minds will serve them better in the private sector!! REPEAL OBAMACARE it is NOT WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT!!!! IT IS NOT WHAT AMERICA CAN SUSTAIN! REPEAL! IT'S UNTRUSTWORTHY WITH CORRUPTIBLE INTENT.

    5. Patrick says:

      Just wait until they tell you that you have to have certain immunizations, or they decide that it would be best if everyone had an RFID chip implanted…. The time will come if this isn't reversed.

    6. Kris says:

      1.  who are the people that REALLY NEED to deduct their medical expenses?   Those who are the SICKEST – now if their expenses are 8-9% of their income – they are NOT able to deduct their medical expenses – but must pay MORE TAXES.     Those with medical savings account & use this for their HIGH medical bills – can only deduct $2500 – what if their medical expenses are $20,000?!!   They'll need to pay MORE TAXES.
      2.   if you are struggling to make ends meet – and can't afford health insurance making $10,000/year – Obama says that YOU ARE A FREE-LOADER & will now pay a penalty/tax.  
      3.   if I am a SMALL BUSINESS making $200,000 – I am now PENALIZED with extra Medicare Taxes;   instead of using the profit to IMPROVE the business – INVEST – & hire more employees,  I am compelled to 1.  not hire & invest.    2.   STOP WORKING so hard

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