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  • Obamacare Raises Taxes on 3 Million Middle-Class Americans

    President Obama repeatedly promised not to raise taxes on middle-class families. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that he already has.

    Chief Justice John Roberts upheld the President’s health care law on the grounds that the “individual mandate” is a constitutionally permissible tax increase. This violates Obama’s pledge. Middle-class families will pay the vast majority of these new taxes.

    Obamacare imposes a penalty—or tax increase—on Americans who do not purchase health insurance. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that most of those paying these taxes are middle-class individuals and families making less than 500 percent of the federal poverty level: $59,000 for an individual and $120,000 for a family of four. Three million lower-income and middle-class Americans will pay an estimated $2 billion in these “mandate taxes.”

    The Supreme Court’s interpretation puts the President in a peculiar situation. In 2008, he promised not to raise taxes on the middle class and accused Republican nominee John McCain of wanting to tax health benefits: “And I can make a firm pledge: under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase…not any of your taxes. My opponent can’t make that pledge.… [H]e wants to tax your health benefits.” Who could have predicted that Obama would raise taxes on millions of Americans who do not have health insurance?

    Obama grossly mischaracterized his health care plan, and now American citizens will pay the price. He has both attacked individual freedom and burdened millions in the middle class.

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    43 Responses to Obamacare Raises Taxes on 3 Million Middle-Class Americans

    1. Aaron Wemple says:

      Does 'Healthcare' oppression = 'Voodoo' magic?

      How does any unconscious decision against the will of the people help anyone other than those in the delusional world of the judiciary? Cast expensive spells that everyone has to pay for and everyone has the potential to suffer from and then pretend that things magically get better? I wish I could live in that crazy world.
      Citizens for an Upright U.S.A. intervention.

    2. Joe Powell says:

      Obama…lies lies lies. He gives the American people false hope.

    3. stk2470 says:

      Essentially, if I am reading this correctly, they are asking 3 million people to foot the bill for 30 million. I guess that is progressive math at its best.

      • Rhymes With Orange says:

        The 30 million mostly paying for themselves. This is a FREE RIDER TAX. Those who think they can just show up in the system when they get sick but don't need to have insurance until then are the ones paying THIS tax — and it will barely cover the costs of their hospital visits that they then can't afford and have to declare bankruptcy. So now they are required to take responsibility, and conservatives are mad about it …. apparently that whole thing about personal responsibility was really about something else.

        • Texas Oak says:

          So you're cool if the government mandates you buy a gun? hmm?

          As to your other point, you're full of it. The insurance I have to carry is a tax in itself and that will then be taxed as well. It's taxes on top of taxes. Don't try to mask as something else.

    4. Bobbie says:

      I thought Justice Roberts was suppose to protect us from him/government. After all, people vote a man iN on his word that this man proves corrupt. This man shared no background information without a fight and after he was elected. Yes Mr. Roberts, the good of America has learned a lesson but that doesn't mean you can feed us to his dishonor…

      Hannity showed a clip of Obama giving a scenario to Stephanopolous regarding insurance is not a (tax) and people that can afford it but aren't. Implying Stephanopolous gets it free without insurance even though he's capable of paying it? Since when does ANY rich people capable of paying their own lower themselves to access government to get their health bills paid through government? What a misleading deceptionist. 30 million people can decide for themselves like the 300 million have and if they decide not to they can foot the bill without insurance and take a lesson learned for next time. This tax is falsely represented therefore invalid. It was Roberts duty to save the people through the proper interpretation of the peoples' constitution. Roberts sided with corrupting more of America, playing people as pawns. Cost is extremely extravagant for 45 or 30 maybe 25 or 15 oh, now 30 million or who knows, Americans not walking on their own that would be if they were expected to provide on their own but Obama wants to break the self reliant and weighs the costs on them! Whenever obama sounds something in favor for the people it directly consequences the people he pretends to be for. America isn't the country for this man's 3rd world mindsets, plural to include those with him.

      No, Mr. Obama. You promised no tax increases. Your intelligence must have showed you a way to honor your promise. Use it…

    5. kendall says:

      The only answer is socialized medicine, and getting rid of the greedy drug companies and the medical profession. It works in the UK regardless of the lies from the right.

      • mik says:

        jesus is the lord

      • jon says:

        no it doesnt, I lived there and the British system sucks, try waiting so long for diagnosis that you die then tell me it works.

      • Greg says:

        Your right! Let’s get rid of all those jobs they provide too and further increase our dire unemployment numbers!!

      • Chuck DeGeneres says:

        If that is so true, then why is more and more citizens in the UK and in Europe opting for private insurance? My customers in the UK tell me that while it is a good free program for healthy adults, when you need to get care for acute diseases, and complicated care, you have to wait. The problem with managed public care actually raises costs, takes longer to recieve care due to red tape (look at how long you have to wait to get through the DMV!) and greatly limits choices and freedom. Also, what is not talked about is that it raises the labor force of one entity, the IRS! So, is this a plan to allow more US citizens healthcare, or does it get more of the middle class to pay more taxes and get the US govt. more into your life!!

      • martin says:

        When you get sick then you can go to England.
        That's why more people from Canada and the UK come here for emergency healthcare.
        They can't wait in line for care.
        I live in crooked Cook county and the Democratic machine territory. Look at the shape Illinois is in.
        Cook county and Mayor Daley weened Obama, and exported him to Washington.
        Illinois is living proof how corrupt and deceptive the Dems are.
        I am an independent, but I have seen the Chicago thug politics up front and personal.
        It is for REAL!.
        Wake UP!

      • Kenan Walker says:

        you are an idiot. Why don't you let us send you to England or perhaps, North Korea,eh?

      • Artie says:

        No, it does not work in the UK or any where else!! Research the facts than make an informative case! Your sound like an uninformed leftist spewing their talking points & not very well.

    6. steve h says:

      Romney's plan raised taxes on far more middle class Americans. I look forward to Heritage's breakdown of the hundreds of millions of Americans that Romney's budget plan would plan would increase taxes on by gutting the tax expenditures. Romney and Ryan woudl hurt the middle class far more and the middle class would not get the proections they get in Obamacare.

      • Bobbie says:

        oh brother, steve. If you havn't been paying the effects already because of obamacare or the mis titled "affordable health care act," you must not pay your own! LEECH! Romney and Ryan's budget uses initiative for people to rightfully take on their personal responsible own so in return costs come down for the middle class, for everyone. Obama only accommodates the unwilling/irresponsible, it's a logical guarantee that obama isn't going to put costs on those he's protecting now. The only ones showing this deep concern are the only ones the President addresses. The native Americans. Obamacare is unfair and unconstitutional to beat. The government's job was to lower costs, not involve themselves that cause higher costs and takes our personal control, freedom and liberties away!

      • Laurie says:

        Steve ,why should the Heritage foundation have to do that? If your the one making these outrageous claims why don't you put your money where your mouth is and YOU explain it!!!! How is there plan going to raise more taxes on middle class america, I'd love to hear it

    7. Rhymes With Orange says:

      I would be curious why the obvious missing column wasn't included. Given the level of math skills of the typical reader on this site, it looks cynical and sleazy to leave it off.

    8. idiotswatchfox says:

      Is this article assuming that 3 million middle class Americans will opt to not purchase an affordable health care plan, and therefore, be assessed the tax penalty?

      Did your crystal ball tell you this or are you pulling it from your behind?

    9. footballfilibus says:

      I'm sorry but why should the rest of us be paying more in premiums for these couple million who can afford coverage but don't get it. If someone is making 100,000 a year why should I pay extra when he has to go to emergency room for everything – why are we protecting these free-riders – they should buy insurance themself. Also….those up to 133 percent of fpl will get Medicaid and the others will get tax credit help and access to exchange. This post seems off in so many ways.

    10. Matt says:

      Greedy drug companies? Do you work for free? The overhead cost to have a drug company is outrageous plus you have to pay for the labor and the interest on the loans you took out to start research. plus the way the patent system works is drug companies have 17 years from the date the patent the new drug. it takes on average around 12 years to get through all the red tape and the inspections. This gives them 5 years to get their money back.

      Its not so much the drug companies as its the hospitals and the insurance companies. Insurance companies allow hospitals to get away with too much forcing insurance prices to go up making it hard to afford. Hospitals charge insurance companies crazy prices like $10 per pill for advil. This is where the health insurance issue is coming from.

      But do you really think that our government, the one that is almost 16 trillion in debt, is even remotely qualified to take on health insurance on a federal level? They cant even handle their own expenses.

      Dont even get me started on what this will do to the job market

    11. Paul says:

      So it's asking for people who don't have health insurance to get it. GOOD! Everytime a hospital has to save the life of a citizen who doesn't have health insurance, it raises my premium because the hospital has to get their money somewhere. Like car insurance if you want to drive a car, you should be required to have health insurance if you want doctors to help you. Pretty common sense to me and unbelievable that this wasn't already a requirement. It's good these people will be penalized (taxed) then. They should be paying their share.

      • Patrick says:

        People will still be left without insurance and therefore still end up in the emergency rooms raising the premiums for everyone else and keeping the system clogged.

    12. lynda says:

      Kendall what bs… get rid of the regulations on the drug companies & insurance companies and then there will be changes. We need tort reform to bring down costs of insurance and socialized medicine does not work in the UK…they are in the process of changing their healthcare system to what we have now, ot 2014. In fact they spoke to congressmen about it. Besides the tax itself on healthcare there are 20 additional taxes already, some already in the process. You can't afford to pay for healthcare, so IRS fines you and you can't pay that either….now you are farther in debt. Preconditions…..how do we know that preconditions doesn't mean that insurance companies only have to cover office visits. The problems in the healthcare industry are known, however obamacare doesn't address those problems. What this has done is create more problems and I don't think the people are going to sit still on this. The American people have lost the American dream and they want it back…we need to be free…to hell with socialized medicine…it has been proven in Europe that it doesn't work, but if that's what you want go live there.

    13. Lorene Moore says:

      Where is the incentive to pay for "qualified" health plan when an individual would otherwise be assessed a tax of $695? There is no more pre-esiting conditions imposed! One would simply purchase a plan minutes before entering the doctor's office. If you don't get sick that year, you saved a bundle.

      Why wouldn't an employer pay a tax of $2000 per employee or several thousand per employee for a "qualified" plan? No brainer. Still think you can keep your doctor or your health plan?

      But, of course, this was the plan all along. I recall when, then Speaker Pelosi, said "By the time we're done, people will be begging for the public option."

      Of course, the most obvious question is, if this healthcare scheme is so wonderful, why did Congress exempt themselves from it?

    14. Rich says:

      Obviously, Kendall is stupid and has never managed anything. Good health care costs big money for research, labor, equipment, etc. Just like everything else in the business world. He is a typical Democrat. He does no analysis or has any understanding of the long term effects of his comments. Short-sightedness and give me everything so I can sit on the couch, drink beer watch TV and complain. Yes indeed, a typical Democrat. I am not a republican and OBOZACare is not the answer.

    15. average joe says:

      You really think we don't want health insurance? It is $800 per month through my work. How can I afford that? Both my wife and I work full time and we go nowhere, do nothing! We just try to live and feed our kids. So how am I expcted to afford $800 per month. Even a second job wouldn't cut it!

      I don't want a handout, but how is the lower income people suppose to survive? Its a very greddy world. Everyone wants everyone else to pay. Well guess what? I would pay a little extra to help if I could!

    16. Pedro Vozone says:

      What sort of analysis runs up these numbers and doesn't even consider the percentage of those 3 Million middle class families who already have health insurance, and so will not pay any penalty?
      Or even the fact that under the whole system, Medicare will have to pay hospitals less for unpaid bills due to uninsured patients, which is the point of the whole scheme. The obvious long term effect is that taxes can be lowered in that proportion, and so the same middle class families end close to even.
      Unless, of course, they use those savings to cut taxes on the rich, but that's a whole different bowl of spaguetti…

    17. Diane Taylor says:

      Sorry that I voted for him now :(. I am one of those middle class families that will be paying for people who either pay no taxes or have so much money, they get tax breaks and also pay no taxes!

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