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  • Morning Bell: Beneath Growth, a Sea of Poison

    Today’s jobs report from the Department of Labor was encouraging news for the U.S. economy. It shows that 200,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate ticked down from 8.7 percent to 8.5 percent. Jobs were created in every sector of the economy save one — government! This report is consistent with other economic indicators and shows that the economy is finally coming out of its malaise. But like any reports, they must be put into context. The creation of 200,000 new jobs is solid growth and above the 130,000 to 150,000 new jobs that must be created to keep up with population growth.  However, this doesn’t mean happy times  are here again.

    There are not enough Americans working or looking for work. In fact participation in the labor force is at its lowest point in 30 years as many potential workers are not yet even attempting to find jobs. Moreover, at this stage in a recovery, new jobs should be surging instead of averaging less than 140,000 for the last three months. So all is not well and President Obama should not check the “mission accomplished” box. In fact, Obama’s painful economic policies will only serve to further hamstring America’s economic engine, thereby preventing a truly strong, vibrant economy that the country is capable of having.

    The President single-handedly unleashed another poison pill on Wednesday with the White House’s announcement that he will exact another illegal, unconstitutional end-run around Congress with the appointment of three new members to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) without Senate approval, all of whom are union officials. Here’s why that matters.

    The NLRB is a five-member board that is responsible for investigating unfair labor practices, creating labor-related rules, and conducting elections for labor union representation. Last year the NLRB enacted measures shortening union elections to as little as 14 days, limiting employees’ ability to hear from both sides before they vote, allowing unions to cherry-pick which workers in a company can vote on unionizing, and preventing workers from insisting on a secret ballot in union drives, as Heritage’s James Sherk explains. These measures will make it much easier for unions to organize workers — but at the expense of workers’ rights. If workers want to join a union they have that right — management gets the union it deserves — but the government should not limit their rights in order to press workers into unionizing.

    Prior to the President’s appointments, the NLRB had only three sitting members, with the one member’s term ending at the end of 2012. Were the NLRB to go down to two members, it wouldn’t have a quorum to conduct its business, meaning that the President’s Big Labor agenda couldn’t be enacted. Now, though, the President has appointed three new members who will undoubtedly carry out his agenda without any checks or balances.

    And that agenda is to bolster America’s unions — a key constituency and political force standing behind the President. Unfortunately, their goal is not primarily to protect workers. The trouble is that the Big Labor agenda is fundamentally at odds with the pro-growth agenda that America is so thirsty for. Sherk explains:

    Unions make businesses less competitive and discourage investment. This reduces job growth. Studies show that jobs fall by 5-10 percent at newly organized firms. Going forward, employment grows by three to four percentage points more slowly at unionized businesses than at otherwise identical non-union companies.

    In short, America is witnessing President Obama put his Big Labor allies before workers, all in the guise of taking action on behalf of the American people. America’s job creators are sitting on the sidelines, as well, watching as this President takes actions that serve only to inject more poisonous uncertainty into the economy.

    Apart from the economic ramifications of the President’s actions, the American people should also remember that his NLRB appointments are a blatantly unconstitutional, tyrannical abuse of power. The U.S. Constitution requires that the President receive the advice and consent of the Senate when making appointments — a requirement that President Obama entirely set aside in order to advance his agenda.

    Today, the President may say he is finding success in fighting for the American worker, but in truth he is fighting for his political allies. Beneath the surface of his populist rhetoric, his policies are poisoning strong economic growth. And for the President, the Constitution is collateral damage.

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    64 Responses to Morning Bell: Beneath Growth, a Sea of Poison

    1. Ken Olshein says:

      its amazing how more people file for unemployment than there are jobs created and the unemployment rates goes down. If we factor in all the people who gave up looking for work and are not counted as unemployed anymore and those that are working part time instead of full time; the real unemployment rate is over 15%.

      • sdfultz says:

        So are you saying that people that have choosen to stay at home without demanding unemployement must be counted? Does that include stay at home mothers & Dads who may have worked and found that staying at home is a good thing for them?

    2. Jim Green says:

      Heritage folks, this is all true, but where are the Lawyers that are not standing up shouting from the rooftops?
      This is all Unconstitutional and bring this to the floor of the House & Senate?
      It appears the want to keep the status quo. Where are the true representative we have elected to serve the people and uphold their Oath to Defend the Constitution?

      I only see Lip Service except Congressman Johnson from Ohio!

      Jim Green Ohio Patriot

      • sdfultz says:

        I see a bunch of partisian rhetoric that amounts to nothing and adds no value to the conversation.

      • Ron Mangum says:

        Amen! Somebody help me understand why we are sitting on the sidelines watching this happen. I have listened for 3 years to all the unconstitutional actions by Obama. It appears to me there is evidence enough for impeachment. What am I missing?

      • PaulC37 says:

        This is a guess but I deem probable, the Republicans hope to be in control a year from now. They will also do "the dirty" based on this Obama/Democrat precedent. What's good for the Goose is Good for the Gander.

        If your a Democrat Congressmen next year do not bother reporting to work as you will be meaningless. All the dirty you did these past 6 years will be undone immediately.

    3. glynnda says:

      Mike, first we have to wait until the "surprised" reporting agency corrects itself as it does every month and then we have to consider that many of these jobs were holiday jobs and temporary in nature. I agree with your viewpoint however on unions. The NLRB has been an unfair institution since its inception and is not regulated, investigated or controlled enough. One of our main focuses with the next president and legislative body should be greatly reducing the number of government institutions that are allowed to operate with little regulation and oversight and who are able to charge a "fourth tax" through fees and fines. All government organizations should be highly controlled and monitored Not by Congress, the President or the Judicial System, but by citizen bodies who are compensated by the government for their efforts. Citizens should also have the power to shut these organizations down by the vote…..period.


      • ThomNJ says:

        Amen, Glynnda.

        Also left out of this article when it gets to union elections, etc is the complicity of a number of the State legislatures. What I mean by that is the requirement for mandatory union membership – one cannot decide NOT to join a union if one exists at a workplace or is created later on. A great example is that a teacher in New Jersey MUST join the union – wheteher one likes it or not. That sort of thing is all driven at the state legislative level, and is clearly, wholly unfair.

      • gregio says:

        The congress is now really on their own as the POTUS and senate are controlled by people who have no interest in following the constitution. The NLRB was created by a presidential order and therefore should be restructured by actions of the congress and the senate. The congress should pass a bill to define the limits of "advice and consent" and severely limit recess appointments to only with the concurrence of the majority and minority leaders in a national emergency, This POTUS should be notified that his 'ADVICE' will not be considered as he has declared war on the constitution.

    4. Linda says:

      Unconstitutional?? What do we do to stop this action…this president needs to be stopped in his tracks now before this great country is forever ruined.

      • Richard says:

        Linda, this is what upsets me about the Republican. No matter how lawless Obama and his administration are; be it recess appointments or "Fast or Furious," Obama and his administration are not made to suffer any consequences. Our Republican leaders campaign on the ability and having the courage and strength to make the tough decisions, but where are they? Our Republican leaders are more afraid of the media than they are us, the voters that have elected them.

        • John Curtis says:

          We have one of the worse Speakers, in the House, in the history of the party! Booehner seems to be clueless or is too scared to take Obama to task over these issues.

    5. T Kunes says:

      Why don't our legislators pass a bill that would provide for confirmation of recess appointments after they return from recess?

    6. johnspe says:

      I agree 100%. This is a power grab and linked to votes as usual. Obama's policies need to be curtailed by Congress but that will not happen until November. I never thought I would see a monarchy in the USA.

    7. Red Baker says:

      The unemployment numbers dropping must be getting a substantial boost from the fact that so many Boomers are retiring. Before the crash of 2008, it was often stated that 10,000 Boomers per day would be retiring. That would be 250,000 per month, 3 million per year or more. I never hear this discussed much less analyzed in detail. We do hear about the labor participation rate falling, and some details.

    8. Bill Mullis says:

      If the appointments are unconstitutional (ie, illegal), then what is the remedy? If he cannot appoint a federal court judge without the Senate's consent, and the same rule/procedures apply, then these appointments are not effective, correct? Now that Obama has violated the law, what is the remedy? It seems a member of the Senate should address this, first to point out to President that he violated the Constitution (in case he just doesn't know), and then to raise it to an appropriate Court for action. Is this right?

    9. Amarillo says:

      Is there no way to stop this man? Where's the uproar?

    10. Uncle Bill says:

      So when the Republicans win in November is it not possible to totally eliminate the NLRB? After all, hasn't their reason for existing long since past?

    11. Nancy says:

      I do not understand how the president is able to make these illegal unconstitutional appointments without being challenged or punished. If they are truly illegal, why isn't he being removed from office? The president is not above the law.

    12. Hilf says:

      Fifty or so odd years ago, in order to reduce intimidating influence by companies against employees, unions insisted on secret ballots in elections. Now that unions have usurped power from management, the shoe is on the other foot. Unions intimidate workers into signing up. Secret ballots certainly should be a constitutional right to relieve workers of the fear of intimidation from either side.

    13. gitredy says:

      "….Going forward, employment grows by three to four percentage points more slowly at unionized businesses than at otherwise identical non-union companies…." Duh! Wonder why France has had unemployment stagnating around 10+% for (at least) the last 20 years?…if you can't fire 'em, you sure as heck aren't going to hire 'em…matter of fact, you'll probably move the company to a more business-friendly market….thereby exacerbating the unemployment………

    14. John P says:

      The next president, providing it isn't Obummer,should use an excutive order and eliminate the NLRB like it was enacted.

    15. Jntte says:

      Good article. The facts are only those stats any group wishes to use are used, the whole picture is not included. If one would look around it is not too difficult to see there are buildings sitting vacant, people are not all going back to work, but then why would they when their unemployment pay has been continued and then they find themselves having to take entry level jobs because the good jobs don't just magically materialize. Many workers are under skilled and desire to receive top pay w/o any credentials. Not saying a college degree is a must, but skills and strong work ethic will get someone hired even at entry level quickly and then as skills are assessed moving into better paying positions comes quickly. No company can afford to hire or purchase a tool that costs them money, the bottom line is for each employee like each tool used on a job should be able to pay for itself and produce funds over and above what it cost to purchase or hire. If prospective employees do not understand this principle then they will sit unemployed. Also that does not mean good employees and very skilled people are finding it an easy task to work but companies are begging for quality employees.

    16. Jntte says:

      The government is out of control, unaccountable, remember there is no budget for well over 1000 days, the spending has not stopped, measures that are proposed to stop spending are thwarted on all sides and legislators, a majority of them are making well over $1 million per year and they point the finger at the corrupt banking and financial institutions? Hmmm seems like the pot calling the kettle black. All the while they want to manipulate stats to their best interests. Citizens wake up, find out for yourself what is going on, simply look in your local area and it will be an indicator of what is going on around the country!!

    17. Dennis Crane says:

      Sir: You write, to the President the Constitution is collateral damage. I disagree. I see one of Mr. Obama's key strategic goals being the weakening of the Constitution. It is our Republican Constitution that protects us from various sorts of tyranny. Progressives cannot win so long as our constitutional rights are strong in our society.

    18. John von Lange says:

      Jim and Glynnda are hitting the nail on the head, When i received the article, the following thoughts came forth, again:
      "Why is the House (Majority) not organizing and put forth a block to Obama’s dangerous, illegal (unconstitutional) actions!" Jim, you also touched on the nagging question in your discussion. that is the same question not enough voters are asking their elected critters. Just getting excited and raising a ruckus during campaign time is not enough. We, those lucky enough to have a decent Rep. get greater access, regardless of the access we are afforded, we. the voters have to, in writing tell the Senators and Representatives NO! NO MORE MONEY! We must start screaming as the liberal freaks do, perhaps that will generate a positive response from our elected reps. Unfortunately, some States, such as the one I live in are stuck without honest representation in the Senate. The House does have some decent individuals working hard, we just have to light some fires at the feet of all the Representatives and Senators nationwide, get them working for US, not the Demons!

      John v L

      John von Lange- Minnesota

    19. Gammy Sparkles says:

      All of the jobs growth does not take into account the folks not looking anymore, those who fell out of unemployment help, and the temporary holiday workers – that would have probably kept or worse the rate of unemployment! Gammy Sparkles

    20. Donna S says:

      So…. What is going to be done about this president and everything illegal that he continues to do???
      We as Americans seem to be left with a do nothing Congress and Senate. Obama does as he pleases and we are to just accept it? Where are the so called leaders, and if something isn't done, then we can expect nothing but socialists to completely take over. If Obama is elected another 4 years, there is no telling what America will see. Not the America I grew up in!

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        Nothing. Harry Reid can and will block any form of retribution against Obama. As far as your "do nothing Congress", the House has tried to do a great deal, much of it good (they did pass a budget last year, the Senate killed it). They failed to get the super-majority needed for the Balanced Budget Amendment primarily due to the Democrats. Another four years of Obama will complete the destruction of our Constitution and therefore our Republic.

    21. Jerome Bigge says:

      I agree with glynnda that citizens should have more "say" in these matters.

    22. Lloyd Scallan says:

      We're missing a few important points. The first, very few people look for perment jobs during a holiday season. Let' see the number in February. Second, many of those that were hired were part timers that added needed helped during the holidays. Again, let wait until next month. The third is when we study the numbers of those available for work (the work force) then divide the number of so called "created jobs, we realize unemployment is actually around 11%, not 8.5. As usual, Obama is manipulating the numbers to fool the American people into thinking his policies are helping. Remember, this is an election year.

    23. Dwana Townsend says:

      Such arrogance!!!! All those campaign speeches, LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES!!! When he was sworn in he promised to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America but instead he is subverting it at every turn!! We all know why these appointments are being made, and it is not for job creation, it is strictly for polictical gamesmanship! He should be called out on this by all GOP Candidates, Congress, and the Senate. This will put all unions in his back pocket for the upcoming election. He is such a disgrace to the office he holds. Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves as they warned us about too much power. Next thing you know he will be called King Obama and will be in power forever not just 4 more years. We better WAKE UP!!!

    24. guest says:

      Please , one of you knowledgeable types, explain to me why the house can't defund the NLRB? If it's somehow being funded by the Exec. Branch, why not defund them by the amount of the NLRB budget? Ditto for this new CFPB travesty!

    25. I'm amazed that some other group doesn't figure the true unemployeement numbers.

    26. zygote 1331 says:

      True Obama is fighting for his political allies, but it must be said that you and the Right wing also have an agenda fighting for the rich and corporations. You believe that corporations are people .

      I believe that corporations are capitalist entities whose main mission is satisfy stockholders and the bottom line. And while I am not against capitalism I do have issues with greed and the disparity between the rich and poor.

      So as corporations seek an even bigger bottom line workers typically get the shaft. That's why unions are so important to protect workers.

      If we go back 40 years, the unionization rate was over 30 percent. Presently, it is just over 12 percent. In the 60s, the unemployment rate fell as low as 3.0 percent and was below 5.0 percent for most of the decade.

      It is possible for economists to produce studies that tie unions to unemployment just as industry funded studies have tied the minimum wage to unemployment, even though a large body of academic research shows the opposite.

      Just suppose it depends on which side you live with.

      • John Salo says:

        I must agree with about all you wrote – just one side – The main purpose of corporations may be the company and stockholders when the company is new and the innovators are growing it, but that interest changes as a company ages. The political types take over and their main purpose becomes them selves – to protect their status, salary and position.


      • Bobbie says:

        It's misleading to say the right wing also has an agenda "fighting for the rich and corporations."

        Fighting to get back what was once available. livable jobs that aren't coerced by the rulings of unconstitutional government and the freedom to make our own way driven by our own ambitions to find our own opportunities to gain our own wealth if that's our personal drive.

        I made a choice to work for a corporation whose business is only mine. What they do beyond what I've agreed to expect is none of my business. Why do you have issues with greed and the disparity between the rich and poor? How do you judge and who are you to judge? why don't you help the poor to open their minds abilities to do what they can and go beyond? How is government going to help by increasing taxes on rich Americans? By involving government unconstitutionally, what bottom line do you think they're looking for? a bigger bottom line or a protection of our freedom to make our own way? the government run NLRB is suppose to protect the workers, so why should workers have to pay for a union, when workers are already paying for the NLRB?

        40 years ago it was needed. today the less unionization the stronger will of the employee(s,) to handle employment issues on their own, within reason… GOVERNMENT RUN NLRB WHERE NO SIDES ARE BIAS!!!

        oh brother, to this: It is possible for economists to produce studies that tie unions to unemployment just as industry funded studies have tied the minimum wage to unemployment, even though a large body of academic research shows the opposite. what are you talking about? Look at the business records!

        Just depends on what kind of an American you are. Independent or government dependent!

      • slickmeister says:

        I've worked for unionized companies before and the number one priority for union officials is to maintain the highest possible membership, thus maximizing dues paid into the union.

        This on it's face is not a problem, but when work rules and unrealistic benefits and pensions raise the cost of labor to the point at which the company (the host) becomes less competitive in the marketplace and begins to lose business, the company finds itself caught in a downward spiral that eventually results in bankruptcy where the host and the parasite (the union) BOTH DIE.

        Which is exactly what happened to GM.

        Yet for some reason, faced with global competition that only increases in ferocity over time, O'Bummer wants to INCREASE the number of parasites that are crippling our businesses.

        The only question left is whether O'Bummer is doing this through misguided ideology, or as part of an intentional strategy. Anyone who understands the designs of the radical Left, especially Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky can only conclude that O'Bummer is doing this on purpose.

        Which is why he must be voted out in 2012.

    27. Stephen says:

      The democrats should think twice before allowing Obama to sneak around the constitution. Next year will more than likely produce a government that has all three branches in the Republican party and they will remember that the constitution need only be honored at will for the president. They may not see their party even on the ballot in 2016. Legal action may also be indicated with charges of subversion or treason.

    28. Bobbie says:

      not sure who's gonna be fooled by this misconception but I'm sure we'll here from them…
      bet Obama is more surprised than happy…

      Any increase to employment gives credit to the people not the president.

      The American people are rising above this man and his selves (like minded) and their obstructs until he know longer rules! Lets see who's

      "The reason this is happening is because of the tax cut we put in last year" says president obama, somberly. So much more he avoids to do. Wonder what's going to happen in two months when they expire?

      What in America are we fighting in the first place that Mr. President says "still fighting for?"

      …in at least the last year there have been advertisements for "citizen soldiers" any details on how that's going?

    29. mariden says:

      Take a million retired seniors who have the time, have them go out and apply for jobs. We could change that statistic in a heartbeat. Tea Party: could you make that happen?

    30. michael hutchings says:

      8.5 percent……….the news is not the news…its chumming the water so we will take the bait dangled on the latest hook………poison …..yes…..beyond belief…. we are falling rapidly into socialism because to argue otherwise is not hip………close minded… bigoted………….take your pick……the death of a million cuts….the bait is any solution that doesnt put money into private hands ………..what do they intend to do about it…. and how does it empowere them…..not us…that is the basis of anty solution from the red king and his court..

    31. SLP in NV says:

      Although I generally support The Heritage Foundation I think its time to stop whining about what Obama has done and start coming up with ways to stop him. How about a movement to Stop Obama Now (SON) and lets get serious about undoing all of his illegal actions.

    32. Joan from Dallas says:

      What actions can be made to stop Obama's illegal imperial appointments and decisions? There has to be something we can do besides wait until election day. What actions can Congress take to block these actions? Besides, I think the Republican campaigns are all for not, since I believe Obama will legalize all illegal immigrants in the country prior to the election. This means they will vote for him in the next election. And trust me on this one, my home state of Texas has at least 17 million illegal immigrants alone, who are stealing identies and securing jobs using illegal ids. You bet they'll use those ids to vote, even if they have not been legalized. All of us under employed or unemployed whites and blacks who can not find jobs should credit Obama and other recent Presidents for not deporting illegal aliens, but instead, let them steal from Americans in every sense of the word. As I work part-time for $80 a day and no benefits, I continue to pay off my student loan, even though my BS and MA and years of business experience seem to be worthless. I can't even get a job as a bank teller. Qualifications…Bilingual or need not apply!

    33. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The government stopped counting discouraged workers in the early 1980s, either '82, or '83, I'm not sure when.

    34. David S. says:

      Where does "Legal" accountability start? How is this president allowed to usurp the laws and constitution of this country over and over again? Where are the conservative politicians (who we support), standing against this (I don't see them!)? You ask for support yet why can't Obama be stopped especially when he violates laws and the constitution? It appears that you and everyone else just complain of Obama's actions and don't do anything about it. It also looks like the Republican I***** are all set to ensure this guy's re-election by not supporting strong conservative values. The people of this country need control and voting options to control these "thugs", not a "socialist" from Massachusetts! We need a President that has actually "worked" and held a job, an honest farmer perhaps?

    35. steve says:

      I want to know what the legal 'cure' is for this type of Presidential disregard for the Constitution. Is it Impeachment?

    36. “Lawless President” said Dr. Charles Krauthammer…Again and again the Obama Administration has unleashed one attack after another on America’s Freedom and Prosperity; no one can ignore these assaults any longer as anything less than as he stated 5 days before his inauguration;” …I will fundamentally change the United States of America!”.

      His Czars, his EPA (with or without Cap and Trade), his ObamaCare, his Dodge – Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act AND Tens of Thousands of Pages of NEW LAWS were sitting on The Socialist’s shelves waiting for the combination of an Obama / Pelosi / Reid !

      We The People must concern ourselves not only with replacing Obama, Reid and a Majority in the Senate; but AS IMPORTANTLY, STOPPING THE LAWLESS ACTS HE AND HIS BUREAUCRATIC DESPOTS*ARE ATTEMPTING everyday until the Inauguration…if The Republic lasts till then.
      * Dr. Larry Arrn, President of Hillsdale College stated in part “…bureaucratic despotism is more dangerous than Socialism.” Thank you Dr. Arrn.

    37. Lee Hershberger says:

      Why are these actions not immediately being brought before the appropriate court or oversight? If it is a senate issue why is Harry Reid not being forced to take action? Is government so broken that there is no place of justice to turn to for redress? Is it time for another American revolution and a fresh start with the work, wisdom and writings of our founding fathers?

    38. Mary......WI says:

      And still Congress does NOTHING to stop Obama! Will the American people step up to the plate? Is this the new kind of goverment we want for the USA? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care enough? This makes my stomach churn :o(

      One more thing….the increase in jobs for Dec was a seasonal thing….it will go down again…the holidays are over!

    39. BobR says:

      I was fortunate to work as a science professional and never under the thumb of unionism which I would have disliked intensely. However I worked for mining companies that were at times beset with labor problems. I also worked with or for non union companies and could notice a big difference in the efficiency and humor of the work force where unions were not involved. I am in complete agreement that unions are a drag on our economy.

    40. T. S. S. says:

      Did not the President (if you can honestly call him that) and the Congress take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC? As an Officer of the United States military, I know I did. So why are the House of Representatives not drawing up articles of impeachment on the blatant disregard of the law as defined in the Constitution on Presidential appointments? Apparently we are no longer a country of laws, but of politicians who will not stand up for the law due to fear of losing their jobs, and of a President and administration who believes the Constitution only applies when convenient (aka define dictator). I am tired and frustrated with the pathetic, scared, lack of integrity and character coming out of Washington D.C.

    41. wesinthemidwest says:

      It is sort of weird that in all of POTUS's speeches he only mentions the teachers, firefighters, police and
      construction workers. All union jobs. He never talks about non-union jobs. He doesn't care about them,
      He only cares about those people who vote for him. This is certainly the most corrupt administration that I have seen in my long life. God have mercy on us. This guy is dangerous to the Republic.

    42. ksfarmer says:

      In my opinion the trashing of the Constitution is not just by the president!

      I wrote to my three congress persons over 2 months ago asking them why congress doesn't take o to task on his unlawful and methodical shredding of the document that set America apart from all other nations.

      As of 1/6/12 not one of them have cared to responded. By this non action congress is as guilty of destroying the Constitution and breaking America as is the o in the white house. They all, from o down to the last peon in congress, pledged to uphold the Constitution. Not one of them is visibly doing anything to uphold it.

    43. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Everyone fails to count those who just finished classes and never worked, yet cannot find jobs, How about those who are self employed, as in house painters, carpenters, there is no work due to the economy. I have 2 sons that have worked less than 4 days in past 2 months, it's a slow time for this kind of work BUT for the last three years it keeps getting worse, they also compete with illegals for the few jobs that there are. Everything is going up in price and health Ins. is going up and BHO continues to campaign on our dollar, SOmeone please put a stop to this, ALL campaign cost are SUPPOSE to be paid by DNC not the tax payer.

    44. AJ Johnson says:

      Why is Heritage supporting a report from the DOL that does not tell the truth about unemployment – what about all the people that are not counted, like those who are no longer receiving unemployment, those not looking for work anymore, the holiday hires and all the others that are not able to find work? What specific evidence do you have to back this article up, other than a manipulated report from DOL?

    45. Wayne Peterkin says:

      I have been arguing for over twenty years now that government policies rarely, if ever, control our economy. They influence the economy. Therefore, those policies can help the economy recover from a down cycle or they can inhibit that recovery. My point is simply that good policies likely would have seen a faster and more robust economic recovery starting at least two years ago, bad policies have resulted in the slow, painful recovery we have today. The economy will recover in spite of Obama's policies, not because of them although he will certainly claim otherwise. Also beware of statistics here. The administration who stands to benefit from the numbers are the same people generating the numbers.

    46. John Salo says:

      I don't know how you can worry about jobs formation when the government gave 2 trillion dollars to Citi Corp.
      At 20 $ an hour you could have hired 500 million workers for a year. So somewhere along the way you are completely missing the point. Oh by the way the Fed gave away not 2 trillion but 16 trillion. Why waste your time writing foolishness.


    47. Robert Kill says:

      This guy is in the White House, first mistake!! Just as disgusting is, where are all the people we elected to protect our government institutions from whacks like this. Why are they, as the people we put in charge to carry out the duties to uphold our Constitution, letting this unconstitutional nonsense take place? Do we need another blood bath to get our Government back on track? If so, lets get with it and rid our Government of the parasites that have invested every branch of our Government. Serious situations call for serious measures.
      I am 57 years old and I am sick of everything I hear coming from this Government.
      Time to rise up folks, the time is now, I seriously doubt we will get help from anyone else, so it's up to us to make the change.
      Let the war begin !!!!!

    48. John Budd says:

      Our legislative branch of government is broken to the point of being nearly useless as a governing body. We either have a Constitution that is the very foundation of our rule of law or we do not. Every elected official took the same solemn oath to uphold the laws as set forth in our Constitution. If any elected official-or any American citizen, for that matter–violates the rule(s) of law or attempts to circumvent the laws as prescribed in/by our Constitution that person must be stopped by the other elected officials and the unlawful action reversed. If the offending elected official refuses to adhere to our Constitutional laws, that elected official must be brought to justice and, if necessary, impeached and removed from office. Anything less than this is tantamount to the nullification of our Constitution, plain and simple.

    49. If we follow man's laws the beneficiary is always the law maker.
      If we follow God's laws the beneficiary is always the law abider.

    50. Robert G. Brunton says:

      What is being done to reverse these appointments? Bob Brunton

    51. Paddy O says:

      There are thousands of graduates of high school and college who have never been in the work force.
      Are they included in the total or has it been decided that they are not worth counting either?

      Why is it in this age of political correctness where it is impermissable for any one to be offended for any reason, the labor department can offend people by telling them they are not worth counting?

    52. Oscar Manful says:

      Stronger checks and balances must be implemented, especially the relationship between the president and congress. In addition, we have Judicial Independence and a free media.

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