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  • vote fraud

    Motor Voter + ACORN = Vote Fraud

    Say Anything notes that Indianapolis/Marion County seems to have more people registered to vote in 2007 then its actual adult citizen population. Even though they only had 644,197 voting age-eligible individuals, there were 677,401 individuals registered to vote, or 105% of the Census population. It should come as no surprise … More

    Morning Bell: Did Ken Lay Get to Write Sarbanes-Oxley?

    The $700 billion that Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is requesting from Congress to restore liquidity in the financial markets is a breathtaking sum of money. But it is also important to remember Paulson has already committed $200 billion to recapitalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The size of their bailout … More

    Voter Fraud Puts Ohio Election at Risk

    Picture this: Hard-left activists busing thousands of the homeless and shelter residents to the polls for same-day registration and voting. What could possibly go wrong? The mind reels: identity fraud, multiple votes, improper influence, bought votes, non-citizen voting, and on and on. Unfortunately, that may be what’s in store for … More

    'A Lot of Underbrush and 14,000 People With Matches'

    The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund predicted the 2008 presidential election would “go into overtime” with a close race creating “incentives for some actors to create chaos.” Speaking to Heritage’s weekly Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing, Fund noted that this election would be just the second election under the Help America Vote … More

    Government Tracking from Cradle to Grave

    Privacy is supposedly a signature issue for the online left. Opposition to even FISA court-approved basket warrants is a litmus test issue for their support. Fighting terrorism is simply not worth the risk that somebody at the National Security Administration might accidentally read your e-mail to grandma. But there is … More

    This Week in Washington: D.C. Gun Ban Faces Supreme Test

    Here’s a preview of the week ahead in Washington. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZz-iB3k4OI[/youtube] Former Oklahoma Rep. Mickey Edwards will speak at Heritage on March 27 about his new book, “Reclaiming Conservatism: How a Great American Political Movement Got Lost — And How It Can Find Its Way Back.” Edwards says conservatives today have … More

    Vote Fraud Never Happens ... Except When It Does

    Earlier this week Election Law Blog noticed a new Heritage paper by former counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Hans von Spakovsky called “Stolen Identities, Stolen Votes: A Case Study in Voter Impersonation.” The ELB did not bother addressing any of the substance in von Spakovsky’s paper, … More