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    ACLU Has All the Border Answers

    After I ran a series of posts on my visit to the Arizona border, the ACLU took me to task for making the case that better border security is a good idea. In the last ACLU post they were particularly irate that I found anything worthy in the technology demonstration … More

    Border of the Future

    TUCSON, Ariz–Visiting the operations of “P-28″–the prototype of Homeland Security’s future “virtual fence”  –with the Border Patrol made me more optimistic about the future of the program called the Secure Border Initiative or SBI Net. The virtual fence is not a “magic bullet” or even a substitute for “real fences” … More

    Virtual Fences Can Help Make Real Good Neighbors

    TUCSON, AZ: During my visit to the Tucson border area, I visited “P-28,” a test-bed of cameras, radar, and other sensors that cover 28 miles of the border. Often referred to as the “virtual fence,” it was the first step in the Secure Border Initiative or “SBI Net,” Homeland Security’s … More