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    Krauthammer: 'It's Too Late' to Hurt Obama Administration on Benghazi [VIDEO]

    In a Fox News appearance last night, Charles Krauthammer said that the Obama administration has “ran out the clock” in regards to the Benghazi situation. “It’s too late,” Krauthammer said of congressional efforts to scrutinize how the attack on the Benghazi consulate was handled, and what preceded it. “Politically speaking, … More

    Rob Lowe: 'Individuals Usually Do a Better Job Than Collective Big Government' [VIDEO]

    Actor Rob Lowe said yesterday in an interview that he wanted the government’s role in Americans’ lives to decrease. “I just think that individuals usually do a better job than collective big government,” Lowe told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Lowe, however, demurred when asked if he was a libertarian … More

    Getting Your Neighbor's Mortgage Off Your Lawn

    Did you know you are probably responsible for your neighbors’ mortgage payments? What? Heritage expert Norbert Michel explained: Nearly all new residential mortgages are currently being guaranteed by Fannie [Mae] or Freddie [Mac] because these companies buy mortgages from banks and then sell investments backed by the mortgages. And because … More

    Gohmert: Holder Chooses Which Americans He ‘Persecutes’ [VIDEO]

    In an interview this morning, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R., Tex.) said Attorney General Eric Holder “persecutes” some Americans. Yesterday, Gohmert and Holder had a spirited exchange in a hearing when Gohmert pressed Holder for information regarding the documents the Justice Department has about an Islamic charity based in Texas, and … More

    WATCH: Krauthammer Calls White House Wage Gap Push 'Total Rubbish'

    Charles Krauthammer dismissed President Barack Obama’s focus on equal pay as an election year gambit. On the facts, Krauthammer argued during his appearance yesterday on Fox News’ Special Report, the claim that women are paid significantly less than men because of discrimination is “total rubbish.” He pointed out that the … More

    Labrador: Jeb Bush ‘Pandering’ to Hispanics By Calling Illegal Immigration ‘Act of Love’

    Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) lambasted former Florida governor Jeb Bush today over his remark last week that it was an “act of love” for immigrants to illegally cross the border into the United States. “Comments like Jeb Bush’s and other Republicans, what they’re doing is they’re pandering to a certain … More

    Conservatives Vent on House Vote for Medicare ‘Doc Fix’ [VIDEO]

    House conservatives were put off by leadership’s hastily scrambled voice vote to prevent deep cuts in reimbursement to physicians who treat Medicare patients, several lawmakers said today. Speaking at the monthly Conversations with Conservatives panel,  Republican members of the House of Representatives argued that their leadership had promised them a … More

    WATCH: Foundry’s Genevieve Wood Demolishes White House’s Wage Gap Argument

    In a CNN appearance today, Genevieve Wood, senior contributor to The Foundry, blasted the White House for promoting the myth that women are paid significantly less than men because of their sex, rather than their career or life choices. “Instead of celebrating” that men and women with similar jobs and … More

    Women Don't Make as Much as Men at the White House [VIDEO]

    Today, President Obama signed two executive orders designed to help decrease the so-called “wage gap” between men and women. But as an analysis by the American Enterprise Institute shows, the White House might want to first address the gap that exists among White House employees. The AEI analysis found that … More

    Jeb Bush on Immigration: Why People Are ‘Riled Up’

    Jeb Bush, in an interview about illegal immigration, said Sunday that “it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.” I agree. But that is not why people are “riled up” about our broken immigration system, and it’s disappointing Bush would … More