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    The European Convention on Human Rights Handcuffs Britain’s Armed Forces

    Yesterday, a British court ruled that the European Convention on Human Rights, which was written into British law by the Blair government’s 1998 Human Rights Act, applies to the British armed forces, no matter whether they are in Britain, on a British base overseas, or in combat. The Human Rights … More

    In Britain, Government Pays Out, While Private Pay Shrinks

    The recession is hitting hard in Britain. Unemployment has hit a 13 year high, at 2.2 million, and the last quarter saw the biggest rise in 28 years, so the bottom is nowhere in sight. But what’s particularly galling is that even those with jobs are worse off: over the … More

    A Lisbon Treaty Retrospective?

    British Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague recently announced that a future Conservative Government is likely to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, even if it has been ratified by the time of the next General Election. A new Populus poll published in the Times today has revealed that 82% … More

    The IEA on the Financial Crash

    The Institute for Economic Affairs, the prestigious British think-tank, has released a comprehensive, two hundred page long, study of the causes of the financial crash. Its conclusion is that “Government failure had a leading role in creating the conditions that led to the crash.” As the IEA sums it up, … More

    Cap and Trade's Cost for Average British Household £20,000

    Earlier today we noted that a recent MIT study showed that cap and trade energy tax proposals would cost the average American household $3,900 per year. Fortunately for us, the enviro-left has not yet succeeded in leveling their energy tax on the American people. The British are not so lucky. … More

    Britain, the U.S., and the End of Local Government

    Earlier this week, we pointed out that, under President Barack Obama, the dependency of the states on the federal government has reached a threatening and historic high. As USA Today sums it up, “In a historic first, Uncle Sam has supplanted sales, property and income taxes as the biggest source … More

    Gordon Brown Launches Another Assault on Britain’s Defenses

    Last week, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling presented the budget for 2009-10. The news for Britain’s hard-pressed armed forces was grim. Labour’s record is already a terrible one. Under the guidance of Gordon Brown, first as Chancellor of the Exchequer and now as Prime Minister, the forces have … More

    Need A Government Grant? We’ll Spy On You To Find Out!

    A wonderful story from Britain illustrates all the problems with the over-active, snooping state. First, the facts. The Broadland District Council in Norfolk hired a plane equipped with a thermal imaging system to fly over local towns at night to spot the ‘hottest’ buildings. Initially, the plane was only going … More

    Once Again, America and Britain Take the Lead in Afghanistan

    The war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan is the direct result of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Those attacks resulted in NATO invoking Article 5 of its Charter, and thus calling upon all NATO members to contribute to the defense of the United States. The war – for … More

    Is Government Now A Bad Credit Risk?

    The credit crunch is hitting Washington, DC, as Uncle Sam maxes out his credit cards. In addition to the enormously costly Obama budget, all the multi-trillion dollar bailouts, stimulus, and government expansion plans depend on one thing—the ability of the U.S. government to get money and spend it. Uncle Sam … More