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  • trillion dollar deficits

    China Is Not America's Banker

    Myth: China is America’s banker. Truth: China has bound itself to American economic leadership. The federal government runs a gigantic budget deficit, which will hurt the economy for the next decade. China buys some of the bonds sold to finance that deficit and has about $800 billion in official holdings … More

    Where Is Our Debt Coming From?

    Spending. As Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Brian Riedl explains, runaway federal spending is where our historic levels of debt are coming from. Watch: And as Reidl mentions, as fast as spending has been rising this century, thanks to our long term Entitlement obligations, our spending and deficit problems will … More

    Budget 2011: Why Our Debt Matters

    Interest. Or to be more precise, interest payments. That, Heritage Senior Fellow J.D. Foster explains, is the biggest reason why Americans should be very concerned with the trillions of dollars in debt our federal government is piling up in Washington. Watch: And the situation is only going to get worse … More

    Top Ten Foundry Posts of 2009

    We’ve already shared The Heritage Foundation’s Top Ten WebMemo’s of 2009 and Top Ten pages from The Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Federal Revenue and Spending Book of Charts. Below are the top ten 2009 Foundry posts ranked by traffic. Which are your favorites? 10. 10 Surprising Facts about American Health Care … More

    Top Ten Charts of 2009

    The Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Federal Revenue and Spending Book of Charts is one of the most heavily trafficked features on our homepage. Here, by traffic, are the Top Ten Charts of 2009: 10. Federal Spending per Household Is Skyrocketing

    Top Ten Heritage WebMemos of 2009

    As 2009 draws to a close, The Foundry will be posting a series of Top Ten lists highlighting some of The Heritage Foundation’s most influential work. The Top Ten list of WebMemos below is sorted by pageviews below with the most popular memo at the bottom. If we left out … More

    Left Now Admitting Obamacare Full of Budget Gimmicks

    President Barack Obama again asserted today that his health care plan would be deficit neutral chiding: “The argument that opponents are making against this bill does not hold water.” But while the President’s most ardent supporters are trying to explain to each other why the benefits of the bill do … More

    Washington Post: Obamacare "Unsustainable"

    The Washington Post editorial board writes on the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act tucked into Obamacare: But both the Congressional Budget Office and the chief actuary for the Medicare program have expressed misgivings. The Medicare actuary, Richard S. Foster, cited “a very serious risk”: Adverse selection — … More

    More Broken Health Care Promises

    New analysis confirms that the health care bills moving the House and Senate will break the many promises President Obama made to the American people. As the details of the legislation are exposed, it is no wonder that Americans are growing uneasy over the direction the legislation has taken. The … More

    Video: Spending is the Real Problem

    The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell and the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, have produced videos explaining why Keynesian economics is wrong, presenting the evidence that big government hurts economic growth, explaining how big government hurts economic growth,  making the case against the Value Added Tax, and detailing the real … More