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    Video: Health Care Reform Timeline

    The White House knows its signature health care legislation is still deeply unpopular with the American people, which is why it has been desperate to speed up implementation as much as legally possible. But many of the law’s new costs and limitations are still scheduled to kick into effect years … More

    Obamacare Implementation Timeline

    Obamacare has not even been the law of the land for one week and already major Fortune 500 companies are announcing hundreds of millions, and even billion, dollar hits to their bottom line. Heritage’s health care team has gone through the legislation and produced the following timeline (pdf) of major … More

    Senate Health Care Timeline

    Obamacare is not yet law, but the battle over which elements of it should be repealed has already begun with both sides believing they will have the upper hand. Key to this debate will be which elements of Obamacare phase in when. Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Book has pored through … More