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    The Real Reason Jobs Leave the U.S.

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the World Bank Group released their 2008 “Paying Taxes” publication earlier this week. The study compares tax regimes from around the world using three indicators (number of tax payments, time spent paying taxes, and total tax rate). According to the Executive Summary “corporate income taxes only account … More

    Tax Credit Could Depress Housing Market Further

    Question: When is a $7,000 tax credit a problem? Answer: When it makes a bad situation even worse. And that’s just what might happen if Congress enacts a $7,000 tax credit for people who buy foreclosed homes. As Bloomberg News columnist John M. Berry notes, the misguided tax credit may … More

    There Must Be a Democratic Primary Going On or Something

    The National Taxpayers Union released its 2007 “Taxpayer Score” yesterday. The annual NTU rating reflects a congressperson’s commitment to reducing federal spending, taxes, debt and regulation by analyzing every roll call vote affecting fiscal policy (including appropriations, authorization, and tax bills; budget target resolutions; amendments; and certain procedural votes that … More

    Morning Bell: Just Don't Call It a Tax Hike

    It is not common to advocate for tax increases as the economic outlook darkens, but that is exactly what liberals in Congress did yesterday when the House and Senate passed budget blueprints. Sympathetic minds in the press are determined to portray the budget proposals as only letting “tax cuts expire“, … More

    Morning Bell: Tax and Spending Our Way to a Smaller Economy

    The House budget that passed earlier this month increases discretionary spending by 8% (otherwise known as $74 billion) over this year’s level. Federal spending already tops out at near $25,000 per household and discretionary spending has expanded 45% since 2001. While increased defense spending for Iraq and Afghanistan do account … More

    Morning Bell: You Don't Grow an Economy by Taxing It Higher

    Democrats in New York want to raise taxes. Democrats in California want to raise taxes. Democrats in Congress want to raise taxes. Is there a pattern here? Apparently liberals still seem to believe the best way to fight off an economic slowdown is to raise taxes. When pressed to explain … More

    Tax Cut Facts

    Since the economy is set to be a key issue in the general election, tax policy will be a major point of departure for the two eventual nominees. Both leading Democrats have pledged to end the Bush tax cuts arguing that they only benefited upper income tax payers and that … More

    The Real Two Americas

    The Wall Street Journal has a great editorial today comparing the economic policies and fortunes of Ohio and Texas. Ohio currently ranks 47th out of 50 in economic competitiveness according to the American Legislative Exchange Council. It is a “closed shop” state, which means workers can be forced to join … More

    House Rewards Chavez For Not Producing Oil

    We know liberals in Congress are sympathetic to Hugo Chavez leftist agenda, but cutting him a tax break is a little over the line. Yesterday, the House passed an energy bill that raised taxes on American oil and gas companies. Notice the emphasis on ‘American.’ What should surprise everyone is … More

    Liberals Second Draft of History Worse Than the First

    Liberals have always believed that higher taxes are great for the U.S. economy and both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama promise to raise taxes as soon as they enter office. But back when the best hope for liberal causes came out of Arkansas and not Illinois, it was consensus in … More