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    Trading Temporary Relief for Permanent Pain

    The House is set to vote today on H.R. 6275, a bill that trades temporary relief for permanent pain. According to a Republican Study Committee report, without a patch, the AMT will impose a $61.52 billion tax bill on middle-class Americans over the next 11 years. This is a tax … More

    Taxing Like It's 1978

    Yesterday we noted that the U.S. has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the world. Currently, Americans’ personal income tax burden is not nearly as bad, but under Sen. Barack Obama’s tax plan, it would be. Combining Obama’s promise to end the Bush tax cuts with his promise to uncap the … More

    Slimmer Is Better

    Fantastic op-ed on government taxing and spending levels by Centre for Policy Studies fellow Keith Marsden in todays Wall Street Journal. He compared the economic performance of ten countries with “slimmer governments” (Australia, Canada, Estonia, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Korea, Latvia, Singapore, the Slovak Republic and the U.S.) to 10 … More

    The U.S. Does Have World's Second Highest Corporate Tax Rate

    Every Thursday Foundry editor Conn Carroll reviews the latest stories in the conservative and liberal blogospheres for Bloggingheads.tv‘s “This Week in Blog“. This week the show included a discussion below about taxes including the assertion that the U.S. has the world’s second highest corporate tax rate and that Barack Obama’s … More

    Morning Bell: There's No Growth Here

    In the first episode of Seinfeld‘s eighth season, Jerry tries to use his broken engagement from the last episode of the seventh season to conquer the elusive “Dolores” who has rejected him multiple times in the past. But after one brief date, Dolores dumps Jerry saying, “There’s no growth here.” … More

    Morning Bell: Liberals Want Americans to Suffer at the Pump

    When the Democrats were still in the minority, Americans were paying $2.91 a gallon on average for gasoline. At the time, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) promised “a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices by cracking down on price gouging, rolling back the billions of dollars in … More

    Morning Bell: How Not to Grow the Economy

    If last night’s Democratic debate proved anything, it’s that the era of liberal tax-and-spend promises is back with a vengeance. The most illuminating exchange was between ABC’s Charlie Gibson and Sen. Barack Obama on capital gains taxes. After Gibson laid out the facts — that each time rates have been … More

    Growth Better Than Redistribution

    John McCain continues to explain his economic philosophy and round out his program, and the picture he draws of a serious tax-cutting fiscal conservative contrasts starkly with the high-tax, redistributive, big spending liberals running in the other party. In addition to his previously announced pro-growth policies of cutting the corporate … More

    Slow Down Big Spender

    Reps. John Campbell (R-CA) and Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) have offered a constitutional amendment that would forbid federal spending from growing faster than the economy (as defined by the nominal gross domestic product). Both lawmakers should be applauded for acknowledging that runaway spending – rather than low tax revenues – is … More

    Morning Bell: Liberal Lies on Taxes

    Today is tax day for Americans, and like clockwork the establishment media are working overtime to cover up just how unfair and burdensome the U.S. tax code really is. The following Gallup headline is typical: “Just Half of Americans Complain Tax Bill Is Too High.” Clicking through, we see that … More