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    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 13, 2008

    Federal Worker Pay Blasts Off – Cato-at-Liberty Newly released data show that federal employee wages and benefits continue a rapid ascent above and beyond private sector pay levels. The data was released last week by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. (See tables 6.2, 6.3, 6.5, and 6.6)… Nuclear Cheese from … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 11, 2008

    Dumb Ballot Idea – The Club For Growth A proposal has been submitted to California’s attorney general for consideration on the 2010 ballot (at the earliest) that would apply a death tax of 55% on all wealth over $20 million… Just What are the UK’s Carbon Emissions? – Adam Smith … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug 7, 2008

    Are the Uninsured Free-Riding? – Cato-at-Liberty Should government require people to purchase health insurance? My answer is no. Here are three reasons… So, How Fared The Rebate Idea? – RedState I was against the idea of tax rebates from the time they were discussed as a way to stimulate the … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 6, 2008

    Los Angeles Wants to do What? – Michelle Malkin The missing word in this story is “illegal.” But only the deaf, dumb, and blind can’t see that L.A.’s latest proposed expansion of illegal alien sanctuary–which would mandate that retailers set aside space for illegal alien… Bin Laden’s Driver Convicted – … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 5, 2008

    Obama Now Backs Tapping Into Oil Reserve – Washington Times LANSING, Mich. | Sen. Barack Obama put his effort to pursue energy voters into overdrive on Monday, flipping positions to call for releasing oil from the government’s… Tom Fitton: ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Can Be Lethal to Your Health – Examiner.com WASHINGTON … More

    Tankosphere Today: Aug. 4, 2008

    Why No Real Debate on Global Warming? – Vallejo Times Herald The dumb things cooking in congress and state legislatures should force a national debate on the question of global warming. The media, however, seem more than willing to give Al Gore a platform – which tends to discourage most … More

    Tankosphere Today: July 14,2008

    The Obama Health Plan – John Goodman’s Health Policy Barack Obama rarely gives a speech these days without mentioning “universal coverage.” Yet, in contrast to Hillary Clinton, Obama has no mandates (other than for children). Instead, he would rely on incentives…. (tags: Health Care) The Washington Post: A Tale of … More

    Tankosphere Today - July 7th, 2008

    Washington, D.C. Government Attacks Cheap Buses, Environment – OpenMarket.org Washington, D.C. recently tried to put cheap private buses out of business, by preventing them from picking up passengers anywhere but the inconvenient, forbidding location of L’Enfant Plaza… (tags: Regulation,) More on Randy Vanderhoof and Privacy – Technology Liberation Front More … More

    Tankosphere for July 3, 2008

    How the Next President Can Return America to Prosperity – U.S. News and World Report Don’t look for President Obama or President McCain to save you, America. The tumbling housing market and rising gas prices will continue to plague the U.S. economy in 2009—and there is nothing either of those … More