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  • supreme court vacancy

    Justice Stevens’s Record on Law Enforcement Issues

    The argument that constitutionalists should not object if President Obama replaces a liberal justice with another liberal (for 30 more years?) is absurd for several reasons, including that such simple political labels don’t fit what most judges do. More to the point, while Justice Stevens’s decisions frequently disappointed those who … More

    Justice Stevens, Voter ID Laws, and the Future of the Supreme Court

    With the long expected retirement announcement by Justice John Paul Stevens on Friday, President Obama gets a second opportunity to shape the Supreme Court to match his very activist view of the law and the role of judges. That role, according to the President, is not to interpret the Constitution … More

    Statement by Former Attorney General Ed Meese on the Retirement of Justice Stevens

    Following the retirement announcement by Justice John Paul Stevens today, it is now up to the United States Senate to ensure that the successor justice will be a responsible jurist who will remain faithful to the Constitution. Never has it been more important in our nation’s history that the next … More