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    Morning Bell: The Two Budget Stories Everyone Is Missing

    Except for the Wall Street Journal and Sydney Morning Herald, none of the paper’s covering President Bush’s budget proposal want to mention the fact that $150 billion of the $400 billion projected deficit for 2008 is going to come from the economic stimulus package now being debated by Congress (and … More

    Super Tuesday Special: What Issues Are Important?

    Super Tuesday is on the horizon and Heritage’s Brian Darling takes a look at the big issues at stake as voters head to the polls in 24 states tomorrow. Citing a recent National Review Online piece by Mike Franc, Darling says conservatives should elevate a few issues above the others: … More

    Taxpayers Would Lose Under Senate's Mortgage Plan

    Among the many provisions of the Senate Finance Committee’s stimulus package is a legislative proposal to allow states to issue as much as $10 billion in new “mortgage bonds” to raise money to refinance the mortgage loans of troubled borrowers. States are already permitted limited use of such tax exempt … More

    Keep Alternative Energy Provisions Out of Stimulus

    All eyes are on the Senate this week as politicians in both parties seek to wrap up work on an economic stimulus package. With a deal already reached between President Bush and House leaders, it’s up to the Senate to work through several additional provisions lawmakers would like added to … More

    Christmas in February

    Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Rae Hederman reacts to the Senate’s recently passed stimulus package: In a period of a sluggish economy, it’s disappointing that the Senate has placed special interests over what is good for the economy. While the stimulus bill passed by the House has many problems, the … More

    Transparency for Today and Tomorrow

    Tomorrow the Senate Finance Committee is considering a step toward openness and transparency for committee meetings but there are still some big loopholes in the draft rules. Namely, the proposed rule would establish a 21 business day deadline for posting meeting records, which translates into more than a calendar month. … More

    A Strong Economy Needs Low Tax Rates, Not Rebates

    President Bush is correct in saying “the long run, Americans can be confident about our economic growth.” Despite the current economic slowdown, productivity remains healthy and most economic fundamentals are strong. The U.S. economy will recover from this slowdown. However, tax rebates and more government spending will not accelerate any … More

    What Didn't Make the Cut in Stimulus Deal

    Conservatives on Capitol Hill are expressing mixed reactions to news that a deal has been struck on an economic stimulus package. Some staffers are expressing disappointment that Republicans agreed to government giveaways of $300 for individuals and up to $1,200 for families. Others said they were grateful that House Minority … More

    It Could Have Been Worse...

    The Associated Press is reporting that Democratic and Republican lawmakers have reached a tentative deal today on a stimulus package. First the good news: the giveaway does not include money for food stamps, unemployment insurance benefits or infrastructure projects. Also, although it is not mentioned in the AP story, we … More

    Tax Rebates Are No Laughing Matter

    Brian Riedl’s paper on economic growth and tax rebates has caused quite a stir. Over at OMB Watch, blogger Craig Jennings calls it “breathtakingly moronic” and resorts to name calling, claiming Riedl would “fail tenth-grade economics” for his analysis. (Jennings mustn’t have known Riedl studied economic policy while earning his … More