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  • stem cell research

    California Squirms with CIRM: The Embryonic Stem Cell Boondoggle

    Centrally planned job creation and scientific research pose many of the same problems: extraordinary expense, a pattern of politically shaped insider transactions, and less than promising results. This occurs for substantially the same reason: government attempts to pick winners and losers in developing fields ignore the discipline of the marketplace … More

    A Misallocation of Taxpayer Capital

    Even as debate and votes are launched this week on health care reform bills that will hurt “our capacity to innovate” and “develop new therapies”, the Obama Administration moved yesterday to make federal funds available for controversial experimentation that has thus far failed to generate any human therapies. Taxpayer money … More

    Family Research Council Supports Stem Cell Research

    FRC Action senior vice president Connie Mackey was adamant about what conservatives should tell reporters when asked if they support stem cell research: “Say, yes!” Of course conservatives must then explain to reporters the huge difference between adult stem research and embryonic stem cell research. Also on the “Truth Behind … More