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  • state health care reform

    Governors to Congress: We Could Do Better If Washington Got Out of the Way

    On Tuesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing to explore the impact of Obamacare on the states and the federal roadblocks to state-based reforms. Front and center at the hearing was Medicaid. Obamacare puts an additional 18 million people in this federal–state health care program for the … More

    White House Still Failing to Fix Medicaid Crisis

    Yesterday President Obama announced support for the “Empowering States to Innovate Act” authored by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Scott Brown (R-MA). The Wyden-Brown proposal would advance the enactment date of an Obamacare provision that allows states to pursue alternative routes to reform if they can meet the same targets … More

    Wyden-Brown Won’t Give States the Flexibility They Need to Reform Health Care

    States have a lot to lose under Obamacare. Beyond representing a huge overreach of Congress’s constitutional authority, the new law includes several provisions that restrict states’ ability to reform their health care systems in ways that best serve residents’ specific needs. Obamacare requires all states to extend eligibility for Medicaid … More