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  • State Defense Forces

    State Defense Forces in Action After Hurricane Sandy

    As New Yorkers look out across the waters of New York City Harbor, disaster response ships can been seen assisting in the recovery after Hurricane Sandy. While most would assume these forces come from the Coast Guard or other federal forces, six of these patrol boats are actually part of … More

    New York Naval Militia Takes to the Waters

    Boaters on New York and Vermont’s Lake Champlain may see a new face over the next few weeks. Working with the U.S. Border Patrol, members of the New York Naval Militia will be out on the waters helping to inspect pleasure boats entering the United States from Canada and direct … More

    The Not-So Secret World of State Militias

    This week’s Time Magazine featured a 12-page article on the The Secret World of Extreme Militias. Page after page describes the threat of renegade anti-government groups, who are described as militant groups armed with rifles and assault weapons and who threaten war against “‘the jackbooted thugs’ of Washington.” Yet, Time … More