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  • space weapon treaty

    Space is Already Weaponized

    The Washington Post reported yesterday: The United Nations Conference on Disarmament last week approved a working group to negotiate a treaty banning the production of fissionable material for nuclear weapons and another to discuss preventing an arms race in outer space. The U.N. group, which met in Geneva, had been … More

    The Sound of Silence

    On February 10th of this year a U.S. satellite that was part of the Iridium global communications network suddenly went silent. A dead Russian satellite had smashed into the U.S. satellite sending space debris everywhere. While the media treated the incident like a road accident, the story should serve as … More

    Morning Bell: China's Hollow Case for a Space Weapon Treaty

    Just eight days before a U.S. missile successfully shot down a damaged U.S. spy satellite on February 20, China and Russia submitted a draft treaty to ban weapons from space to the U.N. Conference on Disarmament in Geneva. China claims to want to avoid the unnecessary “weaponization” of space, but … More