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  • socialized medicine

    Medicare’s Low Administrative Costs Strike Again

    As we’ve documented before, one of the major selling points liberals deploy when arguing for socialized medicine is how much government run health care will save Americans in administrative costs. And it is true: Medicare does not spend nearly as much on oversight as private insurance does managing claims. But … More

    The Greatest Trick the Socialists Ever Pulled

    Attempting to answer whether or not “Barack Obama supports Socialized Medicine?” CATO’s Michael Cannon writes: Socialized medicine exists to the extent that government controls medical resources and socializes the costs. … What matters—what determines real as opposed to nominal ownership—is who controls the resources. The particular decisions that government makes … More

    Morning Bell: They Left Out the Socialized Medicine Part

    The Washington Post has a lengthy front-page story today on Barack Obama’s health care plan, which the newspaper admits contains “profound — and controversial — changes.” The Post tries to compare the Obama plan to Massachusetts’ 2006 health care legislation, asserting the only difference between the two is the individual … More

    A First Step Toward Socialized Medicine?

    Heritage Foundation Vice President for Domestic and Economic Policy Studies, Stuart Butler, Ph.D., will be at kaisernetwork.org today at 1:30 p.m. answering questions about the presidential candidates health care policy plans. Kaiser makes the following pitch: A number of proposals to expand health insurance coverage — including those put forward … More