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    Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood Mock Obamacare at Country Music Awards

    “Saturday Night Live” and Jon Stewart aren’t the only ones poking fun at the epic failure that is Obamacare. Last night, the Country Music Awards opened with a skit directly aimed at HealthCare.gov’s colossal problems. Hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood didn’t hold back when they took on the subject … More

    What Saturday Night Live, Welfare, and Harry Potter Have in Common

    If there’s one thing Saturday Night Live is good at in an election year, it’s lampooning politicians—whether it’s been Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford, Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton, or Dan Akroyd as Bob Dole. But last weekend, SNL offered up an unusually insightful bit of non-presidential social commentary—this time … More

    Hope Don't Pay the Bills

    At last night’s All Star game, President Barack Obama told Joe Buck that the federal government couldn’t bailout the National League because “we’re out of money.” This is not the first time Obama has used that phrase. He told CSPAN the same thing on May 23rd. And yet earlier today, … More

    SNL: Obama Picks Winners