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  • rent seeking

    More Green Crony Capitalism

    Green energy investments are coming from every direction. Whether it is the stimulus package or the cap and trade bills proposed in Congress, the government is eager to invest taxpayer dollars in renewable energy technology. As Americans become desensitized to the copious amounts of money the government is spending, clean … More

    Housing Bailout Case Study in Rent Seeking

    Recently, a scandal has broken out that provides great insight into the housing crisis. Countrywide Mortgage brokers have been treating Congress to VIP lending rates. Accepting donations of $100 or more is illegal for these politicians, but scandals like this are not uncommon. The deeper question is why a profit-seeking … More

    Gore's Favorite Net Strikes Again

    Are you tired yet of NBC’s extension of  “Earth Day”  into  “Earth Week”? Washington Examiner columnist Timothy Carney exposes the very convenient truth behind parent company General Electric’s environmentalist cheerleading: NBC Universal is owned by General Electric, which plays a regular role in this column because of how aggressively the … More