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    This Is What Government Rationed Health Care Looks Like

    The Oregon Health Plan is a government run health insurance option that, like some current health plans being pushed in Washington, is designed to increase access to health care and contain health care costs. The cost of the OHP far outstripped original estimates so new enrollment in the program was … More

    The Obamacare Pep Rally

    We will have a longer point by point fact check of President Barack Obama’s Porstmouth, New Hampshire, health care townhall tomorrow morning, but one talking point Obama made today, and the White House has made before, is that health insurance companies already ration health care so Americans shouldn’t mind if … More

    Should Government Determine the Value of Human Life?

    Controversial Princeton bioethics professor and philosopher Peter Singer is making waves with his article outlining the case for rationing in last week’s New York Times Magazine. This is the same Singer who advocated infanticide, proposing that abortion be made legal for 28 days after birth, in order to allow parents … More

    Rep. Blackburn: We've Tried Gov't-Run Health Care Already

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn has seen the future of health care in America that the Left wants to implement. Blackburn’s home state of Tennessee implemented TennCare, a Medicaid style program in 1994. The results were predictable. Employers moved employees onto TennCare because the subsidized public plan appeared to cost less. “As … More

    Senate Committee Blocks Anti-Rationing Amendments

    What has been going on in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee for the past three weeks? Unless you’ve been carefully watching the mark-up of the Kennedy health bill, you wouldn’t be aware that Senators have been battling over many of the 398 amendments proposed to the … More

    Preventing the Rationing of Your Health Care

    When President Barack Obama included $1.1 billion for comparative effectiveness research in his economic stimulus bill, we warned that such funding would set the stage for government rationing of your health care: The House and Senate bills would establish a framework and funding for comparative effectiveness research and health information … More

    Public Plans and Rationing Your Health Care

    The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus tackled health care reform in an op-ed this Sunday, and her article nicely laid out many of the key areas of dispute and offered some interesting ideas for compromise. But in doing so, she exposed the internal contradictions of those arguing for a “public plan” … More

    Cost and Consequences of Government Health-Care Decision Making

    Several leading European and Canadian health economists, physicians and scholars — in Washington recently for the Galen Institute’s conference, “Lessons from Abroad for Health Reform in the US” — met with analysts from the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think-tank leaders. They wanted to explain why Americans should be concerned … More