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  • progressive corporatism

    Morning Bell: When Will Our Progressive Corporatism Nightmare End?

    $154 billion. That is the amount of taxpayer money that will be needed to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac according to a new “stress test” performed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. And that is the good news. If the economy dips into a second recession and foreclosures … More

    The Mickey Mouse Bailout Act

    In yet another victory for corporatism over the free market and the American taxpayer, the Senate is expected to pass the Tourism Promotion Act of 2009 later today. The bill, a top priority of Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), would create a new government-run entity to promote international travel funded … More

    Another Empty Ethics Promise Exposed

    When he signed executive orders which supposedly tightened federal ethics rules for White House officials, President Barack Obama said, “We need to make the White House the people’s house, and we need to close the revolving door that lets lobbyists come into government freely and lets them use their time … More

    Leftist Criminals Score Bailout Millions

    This past week some in Congress complained because Bank of America, who has taken billion of taxpayer bailout funds, hosted a promotional event at the Super Bowl. At lest that event was designed to help the bank’s business grow. What Congress should really be mad about is the $2 million … More

    Progressive Corporatism in Action

      As President Barack Obama and his leftist allies in Congress spend trillions in taxpayer dollars in the span of just a few months, it is important to remember that the left is no enemy of big business. The left LOVES big business. Who else could possibly pay huge corporate … More

    Freedom, Growth and Organized Labor

    Last week both the AFL-CIO and the Center for American Progress claimed that seven out of the top ten countries on our 2009 Index of Economic Freedom do not require secret ballot elections for union organizing elections. Of course, being strong supporters of card check, CAP and big labor don’t … More

    The Forgotten Alice

    The Washington Post reports today: An influential group of large U.S. corporations and environmental organizations have forged a detailed blueprint for limiting greenhouse gases in the hope of shaping and pushing forward climate change legislation this year. The U.S. Climate Action Partnership says its ability to reach consensus is a … More

    Morning Bell: The Ugly Face of Progressive Corporatism

    Just two days ago, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) stood with about 240 union members inside the shuttered factory of Republic Doors and Windows. The company had closed the factory before providing its 240 workers their due severance pay and accrued vacation time. Blagojevich was determined to bring the full … More

    Two Stories about the Same Thing

    December 8, 2008: Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) orders state agencies to stop doing business with Bank of America until it reinstates a line of credit for the company Republic Windows and Doors to either keep operating or provide severance and vacation pay to employees. On December 2, the company … More

    Corporations of the World Unite!

    So the Big Three automakers returned to Washington yesterday, this time with slightly more specific plans on how they plan to spend taxpayer money to fix their faltering businesses. But it turns out that not all three of the automakers are really even asking for cash right now: While GM … More