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  • Pope Benedict XVI

    Pope Francis I and Latin America

    Yesterday, in Rome, the world watched as white smoke rose from the Sistine Chapel and the new pope was named. Many watched this most recent papal conclave with great intrigue after Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope to abdicate in nearly 600 years. Now with the selection of Argentine … More

    In Cuba, Pope Disappoints Friends of Democracy

    On March 28, Pope Benedict XVI completed his six-day visit to Mexico and Cuba. In both stops, the Pope sought to propagate the faith and demonstrate the connectivity between faith and the moral and spiritual conditions of modern man. In Cuba, the Pope did not visit with those who speak … More

    Exclusive Interview: Sen. Marco Rubio Talks Cuba, Budget and Health Care

    Pope Benedict XVI will visit the communist island of Cuba next week. But while there, the Catholic leader has no plans to visit Cuban dissidents who are fighting for freedom from the Castro regime. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), born to Cuban immigrants, told us in an exclusive interview Wednesday that … More

    Pope Benedict XVI Should Meet with Cuba's Democratic Opposition

    On March 24–26, Pope Benedict XVI will visit Cuba. This is the first papal visit since Pope John Paul II visited in 1998. Many fear that while the pope’s visit will generate fervor among the Catholic faithful, it may actually be harmful to the prospects for greater freedom on the … More

    On Eve of Obama Visit, the Pope Stands Firm Against Relativism and for Economic Freedom

    Although the timing of its release may be a coincidence, Pope Benedict XVI’s recently published encyclical, “Caritas in Veritate” (Charity in Truth), sets the stage for his meeting on July 10 with President Obama. As readers around the world continue to reflect on the 30,000-word encyclical, many would like to … More

    The Fundamental Right to Worship

    Senior Policy Analyst for the Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society, Daniel Moloney shares his thoughts and predictions on Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States: The primary purposes of the Pope’s trip are to visit American Catholics as their pastor and to address the UN … More