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    Blue Dogs Urged to Stand Firm on PAYGO for Entitlement Spending

    With congressional Democrats trying to resolve differences on the war supplemental, the Blue Dog Coalition has yet to crack on its demand that any new entitlement spending be offset under pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) rules. Today the Concord Coalition weighed in with a letter from executive director Robert L. Bixby urging the … More

    Senate Budget Raises Taxes, Too

    The Senate budget resolution, which will be voted on later this week, is quite similar to the House budget resolution, which the Heritage Foundation analyzed yesterday. Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Brian Riedl notes: “While the House budget would raise taxes by $1.265 trillion over five years, and $3.911 trillion … More

    Paygo Has Become Spendgo

    A Wall Street Journal editorial today details how liberals in Congress have cooked the books to keep spending increases exempt from paygo rules, but still applies them to tax cuts: As it happens, the farm bill also exposes the real purpose of paygo — to make spending easier but tax-cutting … More