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    Conservatives Continue House Energy Protest, Demand Action

    News over the weekend about the Olympics and Russian-Georgian war kept the focus off the Republican energy revolt, but throngs of visitors packed the House floor again Monday for the seventh day of the protest. About a dozen GOP lawmakers were on hand, including Reps. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Tom … More

    Let's Not Be Hypocrites

    We’ve documented before how countries around the world are setting a break neck pace developing their own natural resources, while the United States, crippled by the environmental left, is failing to add energy production. Just this weekend, Jordan announced it was in talks with Royal Dutch Shell on an agreement … More

    Drilled There, Drilled Then, Now Denmark Paying Less

    Matthew Yglesias kicked off his new Center for American Progress blog this week with a post favorably citing a Thomas Friedman article on Denmark’s energy sector. Yglesias writes: Denmark, by contrast, some time ago adopted policies aimed at promoting energy efficiency and conservation and, consequently, has an infrastructure that’s well-adapted … More

    Paris Hilton's Energy Plan

    Following Senator John McCain’s ad that compared Senator Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton for his celebrity status, the hotel heiress promptly responded with an ad of her own. On actor Will Ferrell’s website, Funny or Die, Hilton devised her own energy policy to relieve Americans from high gas … More

    There Is More Oil Than Government Says in OCS

    The left’s favorite talking point in the offshore drilling debate is dragging out the same Energy Information study predicting that lifting the Outer Continental Shelf exploration ban “would not have a significant impact” on oil prices. We have already documented how poor the EIA’s record is at predicting future oil … More

    Drill to Save the Environment

    The left traces their current opposition to offshore oil drilling all the way back to 1969 when a Union Oil platform spilled 3.4 million gallons of oil of the coast near Santa Barbara, California. Marty Blum, Santa Barbara’s Democratic mayor, recently told Newsweek: “I still don’t know anyone here who … More

    Obama's Costly Energy Plan

    Barack Obama released his “New Energy for America” plan today during his speech at Michigan State University. His entire energy plan is laid out here. Relieving America from its foreign oil addiction was the gist of his speech: Without a doubt, this addiction is one of the most dangerous and … More

    Obama’s Brilliant Stimulus Plan: An Energy Rebate

    Killing two birds with one stone; Barack Obama has it all figured out. To compensate for the high costs of gas and energy prices and revamp the struggling economy, presidential nominee Barack Obama conjured up a plan to give $500 to individuals and $1000 to families as soon as this … More

    Liberals on Fantasy Island When it Comes to Energy

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports today that a new Public Policy Institute of California poll shows that, for the first time in 30 years, a majority (51%) of Californians support drilling off the coast of California. Responding to the fact that a majority if her constituents disagree with her on … More

    Pelosi Trying To 'Save Planet' at Expense of U.S. Economy

    Today’s New York Times carries a story titled “Strong Economy Propels Brazil to World Stage” and reports: It has greatly diversified its industrial base, has huge potential to expand a booming agricultural sector into virgin fields and holds a tremendous pool of untapped natural resources. New oil discoveries will thrust … More