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  • offshore drilling

    A Gusher of Hypocrisy

    George Skelton makes the case that Californians should “let go of the past and allow offshore oil drilling” in the Los Angeles Times: California is the nation’s biggest consumer of gasoline — 45 million gallons a day, plus 10 million gallons of diesel. That makes us the third-biggest petroleum-consuming entity … More

    Does 14% OF 28.5 Billion Sound Like a Compromise to You?

    The ‘Gang of 10‘ energy plan being sold by a bipartisan group of Senators claims to be a ‘compromise‘ that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) calls “a step in the right direction.” But is it? Does the bill really make an honest attempt to develop more of our domestic energy … More

    New York Times Admits Drilling Can Lower Gas Prices

    The New York Times has repeatedly asserted on its editorial page that lifting the bans on oil exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be resisted since they would “make only a modest difference, at best, to prices at the pump.” Well, the NYT’s … More

    Reductio Ad Absurdum and the Left

    The left is still entirely flummoxed about how to respond to conservative dominance on energy issues. The Center for American Progress’ Matthew Yglesias has been reduced to absurdly caricaturing Republican policy proposals. Yglesias writes: [I]t’s worth pointing out that at today’s version of the House GOP’s now-daily “Let’s Drill Everywhere!” … More

    Common Sense on Energy Invades Washington

    Sometimes the common sense of the American people bursts onto the political scene and changes the conventional wisdom in Washington. Such is the case with offshore drilling and may soon be the case with global warming policy. After all, throughout 2001-2006, a Republican congressional majority working with a Republican oil … More

    Official Fantasies

    Great editorial by The Examiner today combining two issues we’ve discussed before: the Energy Information Administration track record at predicting prices and estimating oil and gas deposits. The Examiner opines: Soviet apparatchiks spent more than seven decades creating five-year plans based on their predictions about the most microscopic details of … More

    Fact Checking Friedman

    Thomas Friedman continued his one man assault on the realities of world’s energy sector today. As part of a much larger attack on John McCain for missing some votes on energy legislation, Friedman writes: Both the wind and solar industries depend on these credits — which expire in December — … More

    McCain's Energy Plan: The Good, The Bad and Some Ugly

    Last week I ran though Senator Barack Obama’s “New Energy for America” plan. (You can find his plan here and my analysis here.) Now it’s the other presidential hopeful’s turn. Senator McCain’s energy plan, called The Lexington Project – “named for the town where Americans asserted their independence once before,” … More

    Truth Free Zone at NRDC

    The Washington Post fails to explain what makes the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge any more ‘pristine’ than the rest of Alaska, but the rest of their editorial exposing the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund’s ‘Snake Oil‘ on offshore drilling is well worth the read. The Post counters three NRDC … More

    Energy Efficiency Is Not Enough

    Defending his call for the United States to adopt more European like laws mandating centrally planned levels of energy efficiency, The Center for American Progress’ Matt Yglesias writes: What would be desirable would be to … reduce America’s economic vulnerability to supply shocks associated with political instability in the world’s … More