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    Edwin Meese III on the Death of James Q. Wilson

    “Jim Wilson was one of America’s greatest thinkers, scholars, and patriots, as well as a good friend. He had a major influence on the modernization of policing in our nation and was also one of the most profound writers on moral philosophy. His teaching at several institutions inspired young Americans … More

    Remembering James Q. Wilson

    When President George W. Bush presented James Q. Wilson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, our nation’s highest civilian award, he said that whatever the subject, Professor Wilson “writes with intellectual rigor, with moral clarity, to the appreciation of a wide and growing audience.” Jim’s passing this morning at age … More

    Heritage Foundation Mourns Loss of Columnist Robert Novak

    Since 1973, The Heritage Foundation has regularly hosted presidents, members of Congress, Cabinet secretaries, prime ministers and other foreign dignitaries.  But perhaps our favorite “royal visitor” was the “Prince of Darkness.’ That was Robert Novak’s nickname in Washington. But those who knew the man knew the title was clearly a … More