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  • Obama Fiscal Commission

    The Fiscal Commission’s Moment of Truth

    The report of the President’s Fiscal Commission is due today. As a stalemate appears increasingly likely, what appears to be an updated “chairman’s mark” to guide the commission’s discussions over the next several days was released. Like its predecessor, the report, puzzlingly titled “The Moment of Truth” (as if this … More

    Duck Season Opens

    As Congress vacates Washington to campaign, they promise (or threaten) to return after Election Day to clean up the mess they leave behind. As Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) told a Heritage Foundation audience, it’s unclear whether the post-election session will be lame ducks.  Or dead ducks.  Or Daffy Ducks. Nelson … More

    Democrats Mean to Raise Middle Class Taxes in 2011

    Imagine a Congress running in a tough environment—the electorate is angry; a war is going badly; the unemployment rate remains stubbornly high. And imagine such a Congress facing the prospect of passing a nice, pre-election tax cut for all. They’d pass the tax cut faster than Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) … More