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  • nuclear energy

    McCain Follows Energy Speech With Call for New Nuclear Plants

    Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain followed his speech on energy and climate in Houston, Texas with an emphatic call for new nuclear plants to reduce dependence on foreign energy. McCain announced, If I am elected president, I will set this nation on a course to building 45 new reactors by … More

    House Approps Right on Nuclear

    The House Appropriations subcommittee on Energy and Water approved an increase in Energy Department spending to continue work on Yucca Mountain. The $494.7 million budget request was approved for the fiscal year 2009 despite much talk that Yucca Mountain will never be opened. As Heritage scholar Jack Spencer stresses, Yucca … More

    McCain Advocates Nuclear Energy

    John McCain delivered his energy and climate speech this afternoon in Houston, and he rightly espoused policies to commence offshore drilling and significantly expand domestic nuclear capacity. As he stressed the difficulty of addressing climate change, he made a compelling case for building new commercial nuclear plants: In Europe and … More

    Canada Goes Nuclear

    Canada is beginning to see nuclear energy as the superior substitute to carbon fuel-based electricity. A number of Canadian environmental activists and government officials are turning to nuclear power and reviving its prestige as the cleanest energy source we can feasibly use. As the Canadian public continues to suffer from … More

    2 Out of 3 Americans Favor Building Nuclear Power Plants

    A poll released by Zogby International shows that a strong majority (67%) of Americans favor building nuclear power plants. Republicans are most favorably disposed to nuclear energy (85%), with Independents not far behind (70%). Democrats, although less enthusiastic about building new plants, still have a plurality (49%) in support. The … More

    This Week in Washington: Playing Politics With the War on Terror

    Here’s a preview of what’s happening this week in Washington. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6YshohNEUM[/youtube] May was a successful month in Iraq, yet progress with the war supplemental has been slowed by the left. House leaders want to tie war funding to domestic spending, including unemployment insurance and pet pork projects. Time is running … More

    As the Price of Oil Rises, Fear of Nuclear Falls

    It’s too dangerous. It’s too expensive. There’s no solution to the waste problem. Anti-nuclear activists have thrown every excuse in the book when it comes to the reemergence of nuclear power in the United States, and they’ve all been dispelled. Today, with the costs of energy rising with no end … More

    True Cost of Global Warming

    Proponents of global warming legislation often dismiss the economist costs of implementing a cap and tax scheme to reduce carbon emissions. They’ll ask, “What’s the cost of not doing anything at all?” Well, according to the International Energy Agency, the cost of actually doing something will come at a remarkably … More

    'Allow These Technologies to Compete'

    Heritage Foundation Research Fellow Jack Spencer sat down with National Resource Defense Council’s Thomas Cochran to talk energy policy on Bloggingheads.tv last week. In this clip, Spencer explains what role the government ought to play in the energy sector: Check out some of Spencer’s other papers on nuclear policy: Dispelling … More

    High Cost of Nukes Not Just a Nuke Problem

    The Wall Street Journal printed an article today on the high costs of new nuclear power in the United States. But guess what? Energy prices are escalating across the board. And much of the price increase is because commodity prices for products like cement, steel and copper are rising. Then … More