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  • nuclear energy

    Anti-Carbon vs. Anti-Nuclear

    An amusing development on the environmental left is the conflict between anti-nuclear and anti-carbon activists. Nuclear power emits no carbon or greenhouse gasses, so the global warming crowd supports it, but anti-nuclear activists oppose nuclear no matter what. Even Nancy Pelosi says nuclear energy should be “on the table” as … More

    Let the Market Work

    There is no reason to take in the world’s low-level nuclear waste when we have not figured out what to do with our own.” Those were the words of Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tn.) during his announcement that he would soon introduce a bill with Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.) that would … More

    Yes to Solar, but No to Drilling?

    When companies want to drill or even just explore for valuable minerals and resources, the industry is destroying valuable American soil. On the other hand, when solar panels are proposed to cover the earth, it’s simply considered barren, worthless desert. At least that’s the logic coming from Robert F. Kennedy … More

    Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

    Yesterday the Wall Street Journal ran a pros and cons piece on nuclear power. The text debate was not an outright endorsement of nuclear energy, but it was another piece of evidence that America must get serious about nuclear energy very soon and start tackling the difficult questions. While the … More

    International Cooperation on Nuclear Energy

    Recognizing the need for a substantial increase in clean energy supply to meet both growing demands and carbon dioxide reduction objectives, the Group of Eight (G8) leaders are expected to reach an agreement on commercial nuclear energy at an upcoming climate change summit next week in Japan. The initiative will … More

    More Energy Off Limits

    Members of Congress have been right on at supporting bad energy policies while dismissing the good ones. For all their rhetoric about supporting the development of natural resources, energy independence and the creation of jobs, in practice policymakers oppose American energy independence because they persistently oppose tapping American natural resources—oil, … More

    Obama Pulls Back on Nuclear

    A few days after Senator Barack Obama welcomed the idea of building new commercial nuclear reactors in the United States, he criticized Senator John McCain for proposing to build 45 new reactors by 2030 without a solution for nuclear waste. Speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada he disparaged McCain for offshore … More

    Water Vapor, Nukes and the EPA

    Something strange is afoot at the Environmental Protection Agency. It is no secret that EPA bureaucrats have been chomping at the bit to start regulating carbon dioxide ever since courts ruled that the naturally occurring plant food which is exhaled by every human being (even Al Gore) is a pollutant. … More

    Obama Gives Green Light on Nuclear Energy

    Rising gas prices and global warming hysteria seem to have had one positive effect this summer: Washington’s elite are being forced to look at nuclear energy as a serious, if not essential, option for any future energy plan. Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain both recently announced support for … More

    What Should We Do About Nuclear Waste?

    The United States has 104 commercial nuclear reactors providing about 20% of the nation’s electricity, but throughout their lifetimes, they’ve accumulated about 58,000 tons of nuclear waste. They produce about 2,000 tons annually. Although recent developments are promising, Yucca Mountain has been a political boondoggle for decades. The Nuclear Waste … More