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    The Socialist Behind the Idea of Government Funding for News

    Michael Copps, a Federal Communications Commissioner, warns that if you propose government funding for newspapers, then “[s]ome guy is probably going to be on cable screaming up and down saying you’re Mao Zedong.” He seems to be scoffing at the notion that such funding is akin to a totalitarian effort at … More

    Newspapers Endangered...By the Telegraph

    With the advent of new technology, newspapers are being threatened. Many are expected to go out of business, and the rest will have to change substantially. Many observers fear that journalism will become too driven by speed, and that judgment and deliberation will be lost. Others said that news reporting … More

    If Government Rewrites News

    If you liked how the government shoved its nose into high finance, “green” energy, automaking and health care, you’re gonna love what it does with your local news. That’s the prospect opened by a new study from an old-line bastion of objectivity, the Columbia School of Journalism, on how the … More