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    EPA's "Sustainability" Agenda: Vast Power Grab

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on a mission to further unilaterally expand its already vast regulatory powers in the name of “sustainable development.” Congress should take action to rein in the agency before it’s too late. An EPA-requested report issued in August by the National Research Council (NRC), a … More

    Left Begins to Recognize NEPA's Role in Stimulus Failure

    President Barack Obama’s $814 billion stimulus has been a tremendous objective failure. The White House promised that unemployment would never rise above 8%. But this month the unemployment rose to 9.8 percent, marking the 19th consecutive month that our nation’s unemployment rate topped 9 percent, a post–World War II record. … More

    Deepwater Drilling Gets Tougher, Time to Get NEPA Right

    The Department of Interior and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEM) announced that blanket environmental exemptions, such as the one granted to BP, will not be given until “it undertakes a comprehensive review of its National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) process and the use of categorical exclusions … More

    Another Green Jobs Debacle from Obama's Failed Stimulus

    The New York Times reports today that only 8.4% of the $3.2 billion Congress included in President Barack Obama’s failed stimulus to create green jobs by improving energy efficiency has been spent through July. From the NYT: The program was to provide money for the purchase of better lighting or … More

    Morning Bell: Did the Federal Government Enable the Gulf Oil Spill?

    An “angry” President Barack Obama lashed out at those he feels are responsible for the Gulf oil spill Friday, telling reporters in the Rose Garden: “You had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else. I will not … More

    Obama Administration Planning for More Green Tape

    In a plan that was intended to be quick and temporary, Congress passed a $787 billion stimulus plan, which included large sums of money to fund infrastructure projects. Never mind the fact that the stimulus bill was a bad idea, the amount of environmental regulatory tape standing in the way … More

    NEPA Amendment Gutted: Another Reason Stimulus Will Fail

    Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) sponsored an amendment last week that would have exempted any project funded by the stimulus plan from costly, and mandatory National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) reviews. The amendment would have allowed any project whose NEPA review takes longer than 270 days to be exempt from the … More

    NEPA: Yet Another Reason the Stimulus is Guaranteed to Fail

    The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reports that the environmental lobby is on red alert over an amendment to Obama’s Trillion Dollar Debt Plan from Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY). Ambinder says Barrasso is still a firm ‘no’ on the package, but is proposing an amendment that would exempt any project funded by … More

    The Legal Phalanx Between Americans and Energy Freedom

    Last week the House of Representatives approved a funding bill that reversed a quarter-century ban on drilling for oil off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. While this is a major victory for American consumers, it is only the beginning. The left and their environmental allies have constructed a massive web … More