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    "More Dedicated Than Ever to Being Part of the Free World"

    Georgian Ambassador Vasil Sikharulidze spoke to an overflow crowd of over 200 yesterday at The Heritage Foundation. You can watch the entire event here. The Ambassador began his remarks: Before 8/6 I never would have anticipated having to speak about Russian invasions and occupations or things that the free world … More

    Afghanistan Needs NATO Help

    The U.S. long anticipated an increase in violence as the winter snow melted, but the weekend assassination attempt on Afghan President Hamid Karzai underscores the need greater security in the country. Heritage scholars James Phillips and Lisa Curtis wrote earlier this moth: Coalition efforts in Afghanistan have suffered from a … More

    Common Interest Prevails in Bucharest

    Today NATO leaders issued a statement calling on all NATO members to explore ways in which planned U.S. deployment of a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, can be linked with future missile shields elsewhere in Europe. Heritage Foundation senior research fellow James Carafano comments: Europe refuses … More

    Morning Bell: What's at Stake in Bucharest

    The early reports out of President’s Bush’s trip to Europe for tomorrow’s NATO summit in Bucharest all seem to focus on the U.S. backing of Ukraine’s and Georgia’s bids to join the alliance. While NATO should pursue membership for those two former Soviet republics, there is so much more at … More

    NATO Rejects Troop Increase

    NATO’s mission in Afghanistan is beginning to see the support of member states wane in the face of casualties, a resurgent Taliban and additional costs associated with war. The L.A. Times notes that with over 40 nations participating in the International Security Assistance Force, many nations are reluctant to commit … More