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    Morning Bell: Truth and Consequences in Iraq

    In coordination with MoveOn.org and other anti-war activists who are mounting a $20 million ad campaign to tie the war in Iraq to the slowing U.S. economy, Columbia University professor Joseph Stiglitz has authored a book pegging the cost of the Iraq war at $3 trillion. This is up from … More

    Morning Bell: Stop Playing Politics With U.S. Security

    It has now been 22 days since the House of Representatives asked for a 21-day extension to pass legislation that would bring U.S. intelligence law into the 21st century. This is on top of the 15 days they asked for and were granted on Feb. 1. In total the House … More

    Morning Bell: Conservatives Support Free Trade

    The New York Times editorial board has become worried that recent protectionist promises coming from the two leading liberal presidential candidates will hurt their movement’s image among the new more upscale pro-free trade members of their coalition. To counteract the perception that liberals are protectionist and conservatives are free traders, … More

    Morning Bell: You Don't Grow an Economy by Taxing It Higher

    Democrats in New York want to raise taxes. Democrats in California want to raise taxes. Democrats in Congress want to raise taxes. Is there a pattern here? Apparently liberals still seem to believe the best way to fight off an economic slowdown is to raise taxes. When pressed to explain … More

    Morning Bell: 'Will You Stay This Time?'

    When Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno took command of Multi-National Corps-Iraq (MNC-I) on Dec. 14, 2006, Iraq was in flames. Insurgents and death squads were killing 3,000 civilians a month and coalition forces were sustaining more than 1,200 attacks per week. By the time General Odierno relinquished command on Feb. 14, … More

    Morning Bell: California Dreamin'

    When California passed its Global Warming Solutions Act in August 2006 environmentalists hailed it as “a breakthrough piece of legislation” they hoped would lead to “a domino effect prompting other states, other countries, and — who knows? — maybe even the United States government to jump on board.” Of course, … More

    Morning Bell: The Fight for Equality in Education

    The dirty little secret in education policy is that school choice already exists in the United States: it is just limited to  affluent children. While millions of wealthy families send their children to private schools every year, families with less are often forced to send their children to schools they … More

    Morning Bell: Holding the Line on Deficit Spending

    The U.S. taxpayer dodged a bullet last night when Senate conservative succeeded in stalling the latest deficit spending project, this time sold as a housing relief package. The bill was a disaster from stem to stern not just for taxpayers, but for anybody who hoped to buy a home in … More

    Morning Bell: Less Government, More Trade Is Best Stimulus

    The checks from the first stimulus package have not even been mailed yet and already the Senate is contemplating another $75 to $95 billion deficit spending spree. This time they want to give away more federal dollars in jobless benefits, food stamps, heating bills, and new infrastructure. Before Congress breaks … More

    Morning Bell: A Debate Conservatives Can't Wait To Have

    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), MoveOn.org (of ‘General Betray Us’ fame), the Center for American Progress, and other anti-war activists are mounting a new campaign to shift public opinion on Iraq by blaming it for the United States recent economic slowdown. As conservatives showed by forcing a debate in … More