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    Morning Bell: "They Should Scrub It"

    There are two competing story lines developing on the Trillion Dollar Debt Plan. The first is that the bill passed by the House is basically a sound spending plan that only needs a few minor changes in the Senate before it can be passed and single-handedly save the entire U.S. … More

    Morning Bell: A Trillion Dollar Bridge to Nowhere

    The more the American people learn about President Barack Obama’s Trillion Dollar Debt Plan, the more they don’t like it. According to a Gallup Poll released today, 54% of Americans either want Congress to reject Obama’s debt plan entirely, or they want major changes to it. Only 37% support the … More

    Morning Bell: The Ugly Face of Progressive Corporatism

    During the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, President Bill Clinton mastered the art of burying bad news: release everything late on Friday afternoon and hope everyone in Washington forgets about it by Monday. Only one week into his presidency it is clear that President Barack Obama is equally adept … More

    Morning Bell: The Stealth Plan to Silence Rush

    Does President Barack Obama believe that the greatest threat to progress resides in Rush Limbaugh? Earlier this week while trying to sell his Trillion Dollar Debt Plan to Republican leaders, Obama said, “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.” Thankfully House Republicans listened to the hundreds … More

    Morning Bell: Why Obama Failed

    In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama insisted that “the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.” To this end, the president pledged to make the passage of an economic stimulus package as bipartisan as possible. Well, the House vote on his stimulus bill … More

    Morning Bell: The Pelosi-Obama-Reid Trillion Dollar Debt Plan

    Last Friday we warned you about some family planning provisions tucked away in the House stimulus bill.  Some conservative lawmakers then took up the issue on the Sunday shows, and the provisions quickly became a symbol of how completely unrelated to “economic stimulus” the House bill really is.  Being the … More

    Morning Bell: What Is the Spending Multiplier on a Pack of Condoms?

    This Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) created quite a stir when she attempted to defend Section 5004, of the House’s economic stimulus plan which allows the Medicaid bailout portion of the spending plan to be spent on family planning clinics. The leftist organization Media Matters came to Pelosi’s defense claiming … More

    Morning Bell: A Conservative Alternative to Obama's Permanent Spending Plan

    Last Friday we told you that even by the left’s own ideological criteria, President Barack Obama’s trillion dollar spending plan would fail to stimulate the economy because nothing about the massive spending increases in the bill was temporary. This Sunday the Washington Post wrote an editorial essentially agreeing with us: … More

    Morning Bell: Nothing Temporary About This Stimulus Spending

    Pushing for deficit spending as part of his own economic stimulus package in 1971, President Richard Nixon famously told ABC News, “I am now a Keynesian in economics.” Increasingly, it seems that everyone on Capitol Hill is adopting Nixon’s economic views … but a thousand times worse. Where Nixon wanted … More

    Morning Bell: Beyond Guantanamo

    Responding to news that President Barack Obama is issuing an executive order that will immediately suspend the military commission system at Guantanamo Bay and shut down the entire camp within a year, Vincent Warren, the executive Director for the leftist Center for Constitutional Rights told the Los Angeles Times, “It … More