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    Protect America Month: New York

    The inaugural event of Heritage’s Protect America Month, remarks by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on June 1, sold out fast. But later that same week, Former Attorney General Ed Meese and Dr. Kim Holmes will host a screening of Heritage’s 33 Minutes documentary on missile defense in New York … More

    Press Release Reporting on Missile Defense

    At National Review Institute’s Media Malpractice, Heritage senior fellow James Carafano takes the Washington Post to task for their sloppy reporting reporting on missile defense: Where the Washington Post’s Joby Warrick and R. Jeffrey Smith are not flat out wrong in their May 19 article “U.S.-Russian Team Deems Missile Shield … More

    Cohen on Obama, North Korea, and Missile Defense

    President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense William Cohen writes in today’s Washington Times: This weekend, North Korea followed through on its threat and tested a nuclear weapon – one far more powerful than the weapon it tested in 2006. In recent weeks, the regime has tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, … More

    Morning Bell: North Korea's New Game

    U.S. intelligence agencies are still collecting data from an array of high-tech equipment, but analysts have little doubt that North Korea did detonate a nuclear device yesterday. The Pyongyang regime also test-fired two missiles today despite a U.N. Security Council condemnation of their nuclear test. These actions come just five days … More

    North Korea's Nuclear Challenge

    Pyongyang ’s eagerness to conduct a nuclear test so quickly after its long-range missile launch shows it has abandoned its previous façade of negotiations and is instead striving to achieve a viable nuclear weapon and ICBM delivery capability. North Korea ’s unflinching efforts to develop the means to threaten the … More

    Americans Understand That Iran is a Threat

    A new poll released this week by McLaughlin and Associates shows that Americans understand better than Congress that Iran is a serious a threat to our national security and is a dangerous actor amongst its neighbors. According to Joel Rosenberg’s Weblog, the poll found: Nine in ten voters (91%) say … More

    Iranian Missile-Rattling Underscores Need for Missile Defense

    Iran’s launch of a two-stage ballistic missile today, a dramatic demonstration of its growing missile capabilities, was timed to send a message of defiance to Iran’s external adversaries and to boost President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election prospects in Iran’s upcoming elections. It is yet another reminder, if any is required, that … More

    Iran's Missile Test: The Case for Global Missile Defense

    Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom director Nile Gardiner on Iran’s missile test today: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0DU7_DwO3Q[/youtube]

    Iran Claims Missile Test-Fire

    From our 33 Minutes blog: Earlier this week we mentioned Iran’s defiance and nuclear ambitions, President Barack Obama’s too-friendly request to enter into talks with Iran, the necessity to build agreed-upon missile defense shields in Poland and the Czech Republic, and Israel’s desire to take more aggressive action against Iran. … More

    Sacrificing Security for One Day of Stimulus Spending

    “The report calculates that an average of $1.1 billion in new spending has been obligated each day since the bill was signed.” – Politico, May 13, 2009, reporting on President Barack Obama’s stimulus package. “Overall, the Missile Defense Agency program will be reduced by $1.4 billion.” – U.S. Department of … More