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  • Missile Defense

    Quote of the Day: Kim Jong Il

    Our nuclear deterrent will be a strong defensive means…as well as a merciless offensive means to deal a just retaliatory strike to those who touch the country’s dignity and sovereignty even a bit… –Kim Jong Il’s government referring to its nuclear arsenal as “offensive” for the first time according to … More

    "Multiple Nuclear Power" World Necessitates More Missile Defense

    In yesterday’s Washington Post, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote about North Korea’s nuclear program: More emphasis would need to be given to missile defense. It would be essential to redesign the American deterrent strategy in a world of multiple nuclear powers—a challenge unprecedented in our experience. The eventual … More

    Ten Tips for Dealing with Iran

    The Heritage Foundation recently published an in-depth study of the Iranian nuclear threat and what the United States should do the “Day After” Iran goes nuclear. Iran currently has the “largest ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East,” and they have the capability of reaching US bases, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, … More

    Guest Blogger: House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA)

    While Republicans applaud President Obama for bucking the far left of his party on Iraq and Afghanistan policy, we believe that his defense budgets threaten to leave us vulnerable in an increasingly dangerous world. If anything is certain in these most uncertain times, it is that threats to the homeland … More

    Missile Defense Resurgent on Capitol Hill

    Earlier this week the AP reported: Defense Secretary Robert Gates isn’t ruling out spending more on missile defense than what he’s asked for in next year’s budget if North Korea or other nations increase threats against the United States. Gates said the missile tests by North Korea over the past … More

    Space is Already Weaponized

    The Washington Post reported yesterday: The United Nations Conference on Disarmament last week approved a working group to negotiate a treaty banning the production of fissionable material for nuclear weapons and another to discuss preventing an arms race in outer space. The U.N. group, which met in Geneva, had been … More

    Backpedaling? Defense Secretary Gates Calls For ‘A Unified Missile Defense Capability’

    This year, President Obama proposed cutting $1.4 billion from the Missile Defense Agency budget in an effort to focus on “rogue state and theater missile threats.” As part of this effort to supposedly ‘restructure’ the missile defense program, Obama also proposed limiting the planned deployment of interceptors in Alaska and … More

    If Pyongyang Nuked Seattle ...

    By all appearances, North Korea’s Kim Jong-il is a dictator in a hurry. “North Korea has positioned its most sophisticated long-range ballistic missile at a launch site for a test firing that could come within weeks,” the Los Angeles Times reports from Seoul, citing a South Korean newspaper account. So … More

    Why Leave Ourselves Vulnerable?

    Earlier this year Secretary of Defense Robert Gates released a defense budget request that cut missile defense by $1.4 billion. But that was before Iran launched a two-stage ballistic missile and North Korea detonated a nuclear device. These facts seem to have changed some thinking in Washington, including Secretary Gates’. … More

    Text of Romney's Speech: The Care of Freedom

    The following is the prepared text of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s June 1, 2009 speech at the United States Navy Memorial: Thank you, Senator Talent, for your very kind introduction. Ed, it is always a pleasure to be with my many friends at the Heritage Foundation, and it’s an … More