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  • Michael McFaul

    Ukraine Takes Action to Quell Russian-Provoked Unrest

    Today, the Ukrainian military began “anti-terror” operations to wrest control of some eastern police stations and government buildings from pro-Russian militants who had seized these installations during the previous week. These militants, along with suspected Russian Special Forces, have stirred up unrest in cities in eastern Ukraine, capturing government buildings … More

    Author of Russian Reset Admits Policy Is Dead

    President Obama’s former Ambassador to Russia and self-described author of the Russian reset policy Michael McFaul today admitted the obvious: the reset is dead. In a radio interview with the Flint Report in Montana, McFaul stated, “The reset ended, the reset ended a long time ago.” McFaul is correct that … More

    From Russia with Hate: Anti-Americanism Rampant in Putin’s Kremlin

    If you sup with the Russian government, you’d better bring a long spoon. While some U.S.–Russian cooperation appears to be happening on the surface, behind the smiles, nasty surprises are often waiting. No one knows this better than U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who assumed his post in January. … More

    Ambassador McFaul Runs into Putin’s TV Buzz Saw

    Russian state television has launched an all-out assault on the new U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul—undeservedly so, although not unexpected. Russia’s Channel One, run by All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), aired a hostile report this week aimed at the ambassador as he begins his tenure in Moscow. The … More

    McFaul Nomination Will Require a Reevaluation of the Russia 'Reset,' Senate Says

    On Tuesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee postponed the planned nomination vote for Michael McFaul as the next ambassador to the Russian Federation by request from GOP Senators. This is a common practice when Senators have concerns that they want the executive branch to address. Foreign Policy says that this … More

    Problems with Obama’s Russian "Reset" Policy

    Last week, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee began confirmation hearings for Michael McFaul, nominated as U.S. Ambassador to Russia. McFaul’s statements on U.S.–Russia relations expose the Obama Administration’s failing international strategy as well as disconcerting flaws in the President’s policy toward Russia. McFaul is the architect of the much-publicized … More