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    Heritage Surpasses 700,000 Members: The Conservative Tide Is Rising

    Forty years ago, The Heritage Foundation was just an idea – a vision in the minds of a handful of individuals hoping to fill the conservative void on Capitol Hill. In 1973, their vision became a reality, with a tiny staff and a giant mission: to build an America where … More

    Heritage Foundation 661,000 Members Strong

    There is a hunger in America for conservative principles and policies, as the explosive growth in Heritage Foundation membership demonstrates. Today, we have more than 661,000 active members. Over the past year and a half, traditional American values have been put through the ringer. The liberals in Washington are working … More

    Video: Ed Feulner on Conservative Momentum

    Conservatives are retaking the momentum in Washington and around the country, Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner explains in the video below. And with your help, we can build on this momentum in the new year.

    Sean Hannity Thanks Heritage Members

    One year ago, Americans had just elected Barack Obama as president, and he promised to enact the most progressive agenda in U.S. history. The mainstream media had declared conservative ideas outdated and the conservative movement dead. But at The Heritage Foundation, we chose to stand our ground. In 2009, our … More