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    What Would A "Maximum of Government Prescription" Look Like?

    Cheerleading for the Lieberman-Warner carbon cap plan being debated in the Senate as we type, the Washington Post editorializes: “The foundation of the legislation is a cap-and-trade system that would put a price on carbon by having a declining cap on greenhouse gas emissions permitted for each year between 2012 … More

    Why Lobbyists Love Liberals

    There are few better illustrations of the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives than their markedly different approaches on how to curb special interest power in Washington. Liberals try to control the economy through ever more invasive regulations and when the regulated industries push back, liberals pass ever more stringent

    Morning Bell: Real Change Through Conservative Principles

    The Washington Post Magazine yesterday published a must-read look at how Washington, D.C., really works. Far too often the Post and other media focus far too much attention on how election campaigns are financed and not nearly of attention on how lobbying campaigns are actually run. This type of coverage … More