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  • Kyiv

    Heritage Takes the Message of Economic Freedom to Ukraine

    The Heritage Foundation sought to bring a small measure of encouragement to Ukrainians this week as they continue their months-long protests for democratic and market reforms in the streets of Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. At a presentation sponsored by the U.S.–Ukraine Business Council and the Bleyzer Foundation on February 13, … More

    Ukraine: Despite Calm on the Surface, the Political Crisis Boils on Below

    Last Saturday morning, a Ukrainian television journalist, Oleh Kryshtopa, awoke to find that his car had been set on fire overnight. Witnesses reported seeing three men who they think were the arsonists. Kryshtopa says the terrifying act of vandalism is a warning—and payback—because he has been actively reporting on the … More

    Lack of American Leadership Leaves Ukraine out in the Cold

    Protests and unrest continue to grip Ukraine as citizens voice their strong opposition to policies pursued by President Viktor Yanukovych. These policies have drawn the nation of 45 million closer with the Russian Federation while simultaneously stifling democracy and economic freedom within the country. As Americans read and watch scenes … More

    Russia: Putin Uses Courts to Crush Opposition

    KYIV, UKRAINE—Russia’s leading anti-corruption blogger, attorney and political activist Alexei Navalny, appeared in court Wednesday accused of embezzlement. On Thursday, federal prosectuors slapped him with additional charges for alleged price gouging. However, his real crime is exposing corruption and opposing the current political regime. Prosecutors charged Navalny, a moderate nationalist … More

    Tymoshenko Verdict May Push Ukraine Toward Russia

    Today, a regional court in Kyiv has found Yuliya Tymoshenko, Ukraine’s former prime minister and leading opposition figure, guilty of “abuse of office” stemming from her role in the 2009 Ukraine–Russia gas deal. The sentence includes a seven-year prison term with an additional three-year prohibition to hold political office, as … More