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  • Jim Cooper

    Cooper and LaTourette's Budget Is a Major Tax Hike

    Rule #1 of tax reform: Tax reform does not raise taxes. The budget resolution sponsored by Representatives Jim Cooper (D–TN) and Steve LaTourette (R–OH) breaks this rule. In reality, it is a massive tax hike of nearly $2 trillion, according to Americans for Tax Reform. The Cooper–LaTourette budget follows the … More

    The Dirty Job That Congress Won’t Do on Its Own

    Congress needs someone like Mike Rowe to do the dirty job that politicians won’t touch. Our $1.4-trillion (and rising!) annual deficit and $12-trillion accumulated debt are not caused by the economy. They’re caused by runaway spending. Unable or unwilling to specify and enforce spending cuts on their own, some in … More

    Apparently Budgetary Tradeoffs Don’t Apply to New Presidents

    Has the Blue Dog Coalition given up on their version of fiscal responsibility? Jim Cooper (D-TN), leader of the Blue Dogs – the self-described fiscally-conservative group of congressional Democrats – was quoted in a Wall Street Journal op-ed announcing, “I’m not sure the old rules are relevant anymore… It would … More