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  • Jacob Hacker

    The Medicare Cost Control Myth

    A major talking for public option/single payer proponents is that the government does a better job of controlling health care costs than the private sector. So when Bill Kristol claimed otherwise on the Daily Show, Ezra Klein cited a study from public option/single payer advocate Jacob Hacker purporting to show … More

    Do Blue Dogs Want Lower Incomes, Fewer Jobs, and Bad Health Care?

    Political scientist Jacob Hacker claims in the Washington Post that the “Blue Dog” Democrats’ opposition to Obama’s “public plan” is not in the interests of their constituents – particularly farmers, ranchers, small business owners, and low- and middle-income workers, who would supposedly benefit from premium assistance and from the cost … More

    Obama's Health Care Trojan Horse

    Defending the Obama administration’s government-run health insurance option, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday: I think if you listen to the debate on Capitol Hill about health care you’re likely to hear two very important words: choice and competition. A public option that you’re referring to is nothing … More