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    Who's Right On Iraq Now?

    On last night’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon said: Well, certainly, if you want to look at the last year, things have gotten far better in Iraq, and I think it’s pretty hard to escape the conclusion that Senator McCain has been much more accurate in … More

    Morning Bell: A Debate Conservatives Can't Wait To Have

    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), MoveOn.org (of ‘General Betray Us’ fame), the Center for American Progress, and other anti-war activists are mounting a new campaign to shift public opinion on Iraq by blaming it for the United States recent economic slowdown. As conservatives showed by forcing a debate in … More

    Morning Bell: Time Travel and the Anti-War Movement

    Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama opposed the surge in Iraq from the beginning. CNN’s John King asked a fabulous question late in last night’s debate. From the transcript: I want you to look at Iraq now and listen to those who say the security situation is better. Ideal? No, … More

    Support For Surge Surging

    Gallup released a poll February 18th that shows recent military and political progress in the country is bolstering American resolve to attain peace in Iraq. From Gallup’s news release: Roughly one year after the United States began increasing the number of troops it has in Iraq, Americans give the “surge” … More

    Morning Bell: Arbitrary Deadlines No Way to Run a Military

    Now that headlines across the world proclaim “Al-Qaeda leaders admit: ‘We are in crisis. There is panic and fear.’” the campaign promises of prominent political leaders here in the United States are finally coming under much-needed scrutiny. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer discussed the policy and rhetoric of all three top presidential … More

    Supplemental Support Miscue

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen is calling for the elimination of emergency supplemental spending used to finance the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is instead pushing for the inclusion of war funding in the annual defense budget. In the DefenseNews.com article, “Mullen Wants Supplemental … More

    Bush Promotes Progress in Iraq

    President Bush used the State of the Union speech to remind Americans about the progress made in Iraq during the last year under his new surge strategy, what remains at stake there, and the need to finish the job to protect American interests. A year ago Iraq was threatened by … More

    Missing in Action: Bush Fails to Set Standard for Defense Spending

    President Bush rightly reminded America that “cutting and running” in Iraq was a bad idea, and that renewed effort and a different strategy made all the difference. He was spot on when he said the United States must ramp-up its efforts in Afghanistan. The White House missed a real opportunity … More

    What to Expect in the State of the Union

    Brian Darling previews President Bush’s final State of the Union address, noting that Iraq, free trade and taxes will be major themes of the speech. Darling also appeared on the National Association of Manufacturers’ “American Business With Mike Hambrick” to share his thoughts about the speech. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIwPLTGppis[/youtube] The White House, … More

    Morning Bell: Debunking the Iran NIE

    Throughout President Bush’s current Middle East trip, administration officials have had to quell confusion about how the December 3, 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program affects U.S. policy in the region. Already the report has undercut efforts to form “an international coalition to impose sanctions against Tehran” and … More