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    What Do Matt Yglesias and OJ Simpson Fans Have in Common?

    They both refuse to recognize the truth despite clear and convincing evidence. Earlier this week, Yglesias linked to a Center for American Progress write up of a Institute for Defense Analysis review of more than 600,000 Iraqi records collected by U.S. forces. CAP selective quotes from the report: “This study … More

    Morning Bell: It Was Worth It

    Many of the headlines marking the fifth anniversary of the start of the campaign to remove Saddam Hussein from power focus on the cost of the war. Joseph Stiglitz’s new book claiming the Iraq war will cost $3 trillion is often cited, but these reports fail to mention that Stiglitz … More

    Washington Post Malfeasance on Iraq Continues

    Covering Vice President’s Dick Cheney trip to Iraq, The Washington Post reports: “The vice president used the opportunity to reassert that there was ‘a link between Iraq and al-Qaeda’ before the U.S. invasion, despite reports that have found no operational ties between the two.” The Post does not give us … More

    Morning Bell: A Window of Opportunity for Iraq

    News from Iraq today reminds us that al Qaeda is still capable of inflicting misery on the Iraqi people. But, when pressed, even the Democrat presidential candidates admit the security situation in Iraq has markedly improved. As Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno pointed out earlier this month, while the surge is … More

    Media Willfully Blind on the Iraq, al Qaeda Connection

    These were the headers the nation’s leading media outlets used to describe a new Pentagon report detailing the links between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein’s regime: Study Finds No Qaeda-Hussein Tie Report Shows No Link Between Saddam and al Qaeda Hussein’s Iraq and al Qaeda not linked, Pentagon says Here … More

    The Marines Are the Opposite of Liberal Thought

    The Daily Show can hardly be described as a fan of conservative causes, but correspondent and U.S. Marine Rob Riggle turned in a beauty on Monday when he covered Berkeley’s efforts to ban Marine recruiting from the city: Highlights include: From a hippie near what looks like Telegraph Avenue: Berkeley … More

    May Day Strike Reveals Sad State of Labor Movement

    The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) is famous for striking to prevent docks from using technologies that reduce the need for union labor. The last time the ILWU went on strike it cost the economy $2 billion a day. But for the union’s efforts, it negotiated an average wage-and-benefit … More

    Morning Bell: Truth and Consequences in Iraq

    In coordination with MoveOn.org and other anti-war activists who are mounting a $20 million ad campaign to tie the war in Iraq to the slowing U.S. economy, Columbia University professor Joseph Stiglitz has authored a book pegging the cost of the Iraq war at $3 trillion. This is up from … More

    Iraq Can't Afford Sudden Changes

    Back from his command of Multi-National Corps-Iraq, Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno spoke at The Heritage Foundation today on the future of Iraq. Responding to a question from Josh Levy about whether the United States would need to have 100,000 troops in Iraq for the next 10 years, Odierno warned: What … More

    Morning Bell: 'Will You Stay This Time?'

    When Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno took command of Multi-National Corps-Iraq (MNC-I) on Dec. 14, 2006, Iraq was in flames. Insurgents and death squads were killing 3,000 civilians a month and coalition forces were sustaining more than 1,200 attacks per week. By the time General Odierno relinquished command on Feb. 14, … More