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    Relying on Economic Freedom in Trying Times

    The Honorable Zoran Stavreski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for the Republic of Macedonia, spoke at The Heritage Foundation on April 23rd about the economic reforms that have helped his country weather the recent global storm. According to Stavreski, adherence to the principles of free enterprise and individual … More

    Morning Bell: Economic Freedom Will Save the Earth

    The New York City sightseeing company Gray Line is promoting an “Earth Week” package of day trips that includes visits to “green spots” like the botanical gardens and flower shopping at Chelsea Market. The fact that these tours will be taken on buses running on fossil fuels does not sit … More

    Morning Bell: The Crony Capitalist Threat to Our Economic Freedom

    The Obama administration’s game plan for passing their financial regulatory reform plan is clear: ignore the details of their bill, demonize Wall Street, and cast conservatives as the pawns of big bankers. But as Politico reports today, there’s a complication in their battle plan: “The Democratic Party is closer to … More

    Economic Freedom Matters!

    Richard Florida, who is the author of “The Rise of Creative Class,” posed the following vital questions in his recent article “Free, Tolerant, and Happy” in The Atlantic: To what extent is economic freedom associated with tolerance and happiness? Are freer nations also more tolerant? Are their residents happier than … More

    Upholding Our Birthright of Economic Freedom

    Professor Stephen Bainbridge, who is the William D. Warren Professor of Law at UCLA, shares the following insight on economic freedom: I’m happy to acknowledge that the free market economy has produced profound blessings. But I’m not willing to swap my birthright of economic freedom for a “PDA” (how technologically … More

    A Trade Deal that Symbolizes Freedom and Democracy

    An April 12 article in the Washington Post poses a timely question concerning one of our longtime friends:  “In a world of dangerously failed states and willful challengers to American leadership, South Korea is an astoundingly successful democracy that wants to be friends. But will America say yes?” At the … More

    The Kyrgyz Republic Cries for Economic Freedom

    The Kyrgyz Republic, host to a strategic U.S. airbase at the Manas airport, is in political turmoil triggered, at least on the surface, by government-mandated price hikes in fuel, electricity, and mobile phone rates. The landlocked economy is one of the poorest of the former Soviet Union, and the economy’s … More

    Freedom: Key Indicator of Support for America’s Interests in the U.N.

    In her March 30 speech at the opening ceremony of the National Model U.N., Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, pointed out that: Important as the United Nations is as a vehicle to promote global security, foster broad-based development, and advance collective interests, the UN … More

    The Liberal’s Biggest Blind Spot: Who Really Rakes In Their Government Largesse?

    In recent days, some blogging friends from the left have commented on the U.S. dropping from “free” to “mostly free” in the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, the Heritage Foundation’s data driven policy guide. The Huffington Post picks up on the long-term erosion of economic freedom in which both political … More

    Free Nations More Likely to Vote With the U.S.

    In 2008, on average only 26 percent of all non-consensus votes in the U.N. General Assembly coincided with the United States’ votes. However, when the nations are categorized in terms of economic freedom, as measured by the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, a trend appears – those nations with better freedom … More