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    Illegal Immigration Costs Demonstrated Again

    Slowly but surely Washington is acknowledging the high cost illegal immigration inflicts on local governments. Today the New York Times reports on a study by the University of Arizona and San Diego State University showing counties along the Mexican border spent $1.23 billion processing illegal immigrants through their justice systems … More

    Kidnappings on the Border

    In 2007, 26 San Diego County residents were kidnapped and held for ransom in Tijuana, Roarito Beach and Ensenada. Some were recovered, some were hurt, and some were killed. Kidnappings are a popular tactic among organized, well finances and violent kidnapping cells. These kidnapping are sophisticated operations similar to terrorist … More

    Amnesty Advocates Still in Fantasy Land on Background Checks

    Roll Call reports today that “House Democrats are crafting scaled-down immigration reform legislation” that creates new “five-year visas for illegal immigrants who pay fines and pass criminal background checks.” A major reason amnesty legislation failed last summer is because Americans knew the Department of Homeland Security could never process the … More

    Cold Comfort on Immigration and Border Security

    Once again the president said all the right words. Broken borders are no longer acceptable. Immigration laws have to be enforced. The sanctity of citizenship must be maintained. And America needs the right legal processes to get the workers it needs to fuel economic growth. The White House said the … More

    What to Expect in the State of the Union

    Brian Darling previews President Bush’s final State of the Union address, noting that Iraq, free trade and taxes will be major themes of the speech. Darling also appeared on the National Association of Manufacturers’ “American Business With Mike Hambrick” to share his thoughts about the speech. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIwPLTGppis[/youtube] The White House, … More

    A Roadmap for Real Immigration Reform

    Sen. Jeff Sessions spoke at The Heritage Foundation today to outline a roadmap for presidential candidates on the issue of immigration reform. During his speech, Sessions outlined 15 questions to ask presidential candidates in order to determine their seriousness about fixing the immigration mess. Mark Krikorian has posted them at … More

    Morning Bell: Debunking the Iran NIE

    Throughout President Bush’s current Middle East trip, administration officials have had to quell confusion about how the December 3, 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program affects U.S. policy in the region. Already the report has undercut efforts to form “an international coalition to impose sanctions against Tehran” and … More

    Morning Bell: Mass Deportation Is Not Needed

    A favorite straw man of the pro-amnesty crowd is that the only alternative to granting illegal immigrants citizenship is mass deportation. As a front page USA Today story on the implementation of Oklahoma’s new ‘Taxpayer Citizen Protection Act’ shows, that is simply not true. Referred to simply as ‘1804’ by … More

    Why This Immigration Is Different

    The United States is a nation of immigrants and for the most part our country has a celebrated history of welcoming peoples from all over the world. Unfortunately the modern wave of immigration from south of the border is distinctly different than any other immigration in our nation’s history and … More